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  2. I am looking for 1 (One) rear Stabilizer Link P/N 1557477. If anyone has one in good serviceable condition, Please give me a shout.
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  4. Avanti Safety!

    That is strange, because my 1964 Avanti (5176 IIRC) was also one of the Allstate run. I don't think that it was a "giveaway" car. Mine had a color change from red to white before I bought it.
  5. Electrical

    Just me, but if it were my problem, The first thing I would do is check all the switches for function. Dave said they are all the same so they should all test alike with a VOM for continuity. I needed to clean the contacts on mine in the 74 to get them to function correctly. New ones are available. Also be sure the wires are on the correct contacts as every switch is wired differently. You obviously have power to the overhead panel so I'd get out the 12V probe and check back through the system to see if it goes where it should. Bob has posted an excellent diagram. In fact, I've saved it for reference but the problem is it's for the Stude issue and I'll bet the later ones are different. Possibly with a fuse box. Hard to tell when changes were done but my 74 had a fusebox. It was corroded to crap so I replaced it and rewired the whole car but you may have one also. After I knew the switches were good, I'd put 12V to the switch output to see what is working when you apply voltage to the correct wire. I wouldn't use the switch but just jumper the 12V source to the output wire. If you are worried about shorting something out, just go to the auto store and buy a single fuse harness and some 20 amp fuses and use that to jumper the wires. One of the first places I would check for power is the dimmer switch to be sure it has input and is energizing both circuits when pushed. It's just a matter of back tracking and finding the source of the problem. Not rocket science. Lastly, before you put the overhead panel back, tape or coat every exposed metal surface to be sure it doesn't short out and also be careful to not just jam the wires back into opening. Good luck, Bob
  6. 1976 dash in a '63?

  7. Visor repair/restoration

    Studebaker International has a full page ad coming in the next Avanti Magazine, and list Avanti sunvisors (along with a picture of both) as part #1347700-1. The ad says to call for availability and price. Lew
  8. Electrical

    Wayne -took the header with the switches out was looking for another issue i had , when i put the header back up to tighten the bolts i saw a spark. Got out of the car to look at the head lights with the switch on and nothing , no head lights or parking lights.The weird part is i had turn signals,instrument lights,tail lights, so talked with Michael Meyer , he said the heater switch, and the instrument switch was the same , try switching them , so i did and after that i had nothing, no tail lights, no turn signals ,no instrument lights , head lights or parking lights. , so back to the original switch, and had tail lights, turn signals and instrument lights. So back to the drawing board.
  9. 1976 dash in a '63?

    I don't think it is much. If no one beats me to it, I will get measurements tomorrow afternoon.
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  11. 1976 dash in a '63?

    By how much? This is much cheaper than Just Dashes, but if it looks bad, then I don't want it.
  12. 1976 dash in a '63?

    Good point!
  13. Avanti Safety!

    The only '64 Stude I kept for any length of time was a pretty nice 1964 Avanti...........Avanti Red, black interior, R1, automatic......It looked a lot like one of the Allstate 'giveaway' Avantis.
  14. Looking For Avantis!

    Hey that's real interesting, and I'm glad its in the hands of an Avanti fan!......I didn't own RQA0298 for very long, but I remember it as a nice car! I sold it to a Studebaker fan from Cornish, Maine...He was an air traffic controller as I remember. The factory color on it was Cadillac "Tropic Green Firemist"....very pretty!.....Are the Toyota Supra front seats still installed in it?....I replaced the original front seats which were quite tired. The original factory seats were unusual, and I've never seen another Avanti ll with this setup....A 'high back' bucket seat on the driver's side and a 'low back' bucket seat on the passenger side....VERY strange!! ( I believe I still have them) My wife and I head up to Lake Sebago two or three times a year. (during the summer)...Perhaps we can stop at Naples in a few months and check out my old baby!....Take care, Ed
  15. 1976 dash in a '63?

    Isn't the cutout for the steering column a little larger as well?
  16. Electrical

    Great diagram, thanks for posting it.
  17. 1976 dash in a '63?

    Thanks, I'm buying it only for the vinyl dash pad.
  18. 1976 dash in a '63?

    There is a difference in the gauge inlay...it's cut different. The inlay fits the same but the ignition key inserts in the lock on the steering column in a '76 so what was the round hole for the switch in a '63 is now oblong for something else in a '76. There are a few added holes punched for different indicator lights in the '76. Outside of that, the vinyl dash pad is the same.
  19. 1976 dash in a '63?

    Before I get too deep into a purchase, other than gauges and color, is there any difference between a 1976 dash and a 1963 dash?
  20. Looking For Avantis!

    RQA 0298 is in Naples maine. I am doing a little restoration / build. Still learning a lot about the car
  21. Electrical

    Here is a new drawing that was offered to me to post / Might be of some help
  22. Electrical

    Dave here with the 69 Avanti with Electrical issue, have a shop manual and have the electrical diagram, took the heater switch out and moved it over to where the headlight switch is at. have nothing no headlights,tail lights ,parking lights. Tonight put the original switch in and back to having head lights, parking lights tail lights. so i will play with it another day and keep you two posted. Thanks for your help and input very much appreciated.
  23. Electrical

    Per WayneC above, get the wiring diagram. If you don't have the diagram, I'd probably start fault tracing by checking, with a meter, to see if you have power to the overhead. Being you had taillights, and now don't, I would guess you had power to the overhead, at least initially. If you don't have power now, you may have blown the circuit breaker on the fuse block. If you do have power to the overhead, proceed at your own risk, but I'd try eliminating the switch from the circuit -- i.e., try jumping wires together to see if you can get headlights, parking lights, ... to light up. Basically, the set up is that the switch on the left side supplies power to the switch on the right (e.g., left - power on/off to the lights, right - headlights/parking lights; left - power on/off to the instrument lights, right - instrument lights dim/bright). You should have two wires coming off the (headlights/parking lights) switch on the right, one leading to the headlights, the other to the parking lights. You can put power to either of these wires, either from the power to the overhead or directly from the battery, and the headlights or parking lights should light up. Again, proceed at your own risk. Being you had the tail lights working, I doubt you have a 'short' but probably an 'open.' Look inside the switch and you'll see, as I recall, it's not a rock-solid setup and these switches do get dirty. I just looked in Studebaker International's catalog and did not see a listing for them. You might try Nostalgic Motors if you need switches. The headlights switches, particularly, have quite a bit of amperage going through them and a relay set up routes most of the current away from the switches. (See AOAI magazine #170, pg. 47 for a circuit and write-up.) You might want start with making sure your bulbs are good and you didn't blow them when you shorted the switch, initially. Keep us posted.
  24. Fuel Gauge

    LOL. Sure. Whatever works for you. I will await contact so you can get my shipping address.
  25. Avanti Safety!

    I guess this is one area where I am a step ahead of you. I have owned several 1964 models, including; four Cruisers, Daytona hardtop, Commander sedan and Hawk, all V8s (plus a 1964 Avanti).
  26. Avanti Safety!

    YIKES!...OK, I must have been thinking of the '63's!!....fact is, I could use a little 'brush up' on '64 Lark-Hawk facts I never have owned either of that year....except for a '64 Daytona full package Super Lark (very rusty) which I purchased for the JTS engine that I sold to a friend who wanted to replace the R1 in his '63 Avanti......(Still have the Stude AM-FM that came in that '64 Daytona though!
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  28. Avanti Safety!

    Hmmm.........Larks and Hawks had the red lighting in 1964.
  29. Paxton Avanti!

    ANSWER....False!..(Factory Avanti Paxton blowers start with the prefix "MS")
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