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  2. I have rebuilt many a box. But you can do it yourself, or any good mechanic can. The replacement parts are usually just the shaft bushings, and end balls, and shaft seals. If the worm gear or pin bearings are bad, then it becomes harder to find those parts. SI sells the shaft bearings, but they are too long, so must be modified, and after pressing into place, the oil hole has to be bored through.
  3. According to one Studebaker ad, answer 3) 150 feet is correct. Here is the ad:
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  5. From 100MPH, Studebaker stated that a disc brake equipped vehicle stops in ....?..... less feet than the same vehicle equipped with drum brakes . 1) 75......2) 100.......3) 150.....or....4) 200
  6. Nice try Gary, but I believe that you're 'swinging after the bell' again!
  7. On my '83 Avanti, the 'mouth' of the driver's side horn points directly down.....The 'mouth' of the passenger side horn faces the fan shroud....and both these horns have never been replaced or moved.
  8. Again, I believe that we are hung up on semantics. I agree with your quoted statement. This would make the entry point face upward (into the lower point of the cylinder).
  9. Exactly!....Loewy initially wanted a removable forward roof panel(s), and thought a roll-type bar would be necessary for overall roof rigidity.
  10. The sound part of the horn on my 83 is pointing up at the hood - is this correct? A83 Kevin
  11. The sound part of the horn on my 83 is pointing up at the hood - is this correct? A83 Kevin
  12. Nothing it doesn't not frank over
  13. Removable center section of top, shown in some early sketches.
  14. It certainly did.....but apparently there was another reason!....HINT....this 'reason' was eliminated from final design!!
  15. Peddler says 'Yes' he correct?
  16. Exactly!
  17. Hood bulge/scoop aligned with driver line of sight?
  18. Yes, he was a pilot and took the idea from airplanes of the day.
  19. The roll bar stiffened the fiberglass top and sides of the body.
  20. No one remembers this very special Avanti?
  21. When driving a Studebaker Avanti, what feature did Raymond Loewy say "oriented his senses to the road"?
  22. Mr. Sherwood Egbert came up with the 'overhead switch' idea that was quite unique for the 1963 Studebaker Avantis.........True?
  23. The Avanti 'AVX' logo was originally penned by Bill Lang..................True?
  24. Any thoughts on this one?
  25. Sorry no, the fluid entry point is located at the bottom of the cylinder and, as in most disc brake systems, the bleeder screw is at the top.....Answer..FALSE!
  26. Makes sense, but no...there was a more 'engineering related' reason! (?)
  27. Right you are!....And thanks for posting this great photo!
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