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  2. I too just logged in, wow, what a change; I like it.
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  4. Great new look! Kudos to whomever came up with it and did the work. It's like Avanti class. No...make that world leading!
  5. If you're thinning Epoxy DON'T USE RUBBING ALCOHOL! It's Isopropyl Alcohol and contains 30% water !! Use DENATURED ALCOHOL available at any hardware or home improvement store at a low price. Charlie RQB3921
  6. Did you have renter's insurance? Was the storage facility not secured? I'd be after some of my money back..... Mike Sal
  7. I'm running 17 X 8 inch Mustang rims on my 74. I used 2000-04 Bullitt style and the back spacing is fine on the rear. Quite tight on the front so I'm adding a 1/8" spacer. My 83 has 15 X 8 inch custom wheels with about 3.5" BS on the front and about 4.5" BS on the rear. I can get a closer BS on the 83 front but it will take some time.
  8. I seriously need help fitting custom wheels on my 1979 Avanti II. I would like to put a deep-dish fat tire on the back and standard tires on the front. Can anybody please help me?
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  10. OK, so the reason I have the door trim panel off is to find a way to secure the weatherseal screw at the rear edge of the door ("hole 1" on Body Section, p13 of Avanti Workshop Manual). I'm thinking of thinning epoxy with rubbing alcohol and working it into the oversized hole. Will it work? I don't know. Have also thought of drilling hole larger to accept a screw anchor, as might be used in dry wall. Thoughts?
  11. I've got the driver's side door panel off and am thinking about replacing the Door Window Run/"Cat Whiskers" (SI p/n: 800507, 3/8 inch x 8 feet). A local shop can staple replacements in place. What trouble might I find?
  12. Got it - thanks! Hard to believe, but I believe I'm simply not running hot enough to build pressure. On a 75F day at 60mph, I'm running about 170F! Timing has been retarded a bit to improve driveability around town. Also have electronic ignition with Edelbrock 4bbl.
  13. Dan Booth is a walking "encyclopedia" of Avanti parts & knowledge....I'm thankful we have him as a credible parts and repair resource for our Avantis!
  14. "Fake News" might be a stretch of the truth... How bout "alternative facts"?;)
  15. I did the gold R1 that recently sold for 59,000 The white R2 currently offered is nicer, and had more done to it than just the cosmetic restoration I did. A complete nut and bolt restoration with every part taken back to as new condition, is well over the asking prices even high end brokers get for vehicles. It is worth having a professional broker your car, as they don't market to the walmart crowd. I always say if you want the market values to rise, then market to upscale buyers. it isn't elitist to know whom to market to, and how to get their attention.
  16. No tolerance here, Studebaker wanted the pivots to be EXACTLY that far apart!
  17. I have the dash tore apart in my 1983 trying to connect the power door lock. The drawing shows that the blue wire (which is disconnected) is 12V going to the switch. There are three wires connected to the switch – black (unlock), red (lock) and white (which I assume goes to the solenoid to be the ground). Where does this blue wire go on the switch?
  18. The 74 Avanti is creeping closer to a finished product so I'm ready to install the front and rear windscreens. Called Dan and ordered the gaskets and installation kit he provides. He said they would be delivered the next day, I'm about 70 miles away. He said to call him back when I see what I have and he'd draw me a mental picture of how he does them.They arrived as promised and I called back. Left a message and Dan called me back about 7:00 PM. We spent better than 1/2 hour on the phone as he described his methodology and a few tricks to ease the installation. We discussed a few points I needed clarity on and we ended the call with him saying to call him a day or so before I install them so he can be sure to answer his phone if he sees my number and need further guidance during the install.So the bottom line is if the installation is less than great, it's all my doing.What a seller. Thanks, Bob
  19. Is that a minimum, maximum or is there some tolerance associated with that dimension>?
  20. ANSWER...........It's the distance between the windshield wiper pivots!........Important to maintain to decrease stress on the fiberglass upper cowl panel.
  21. Backspacing is very important on these cars, especially if you install wider than original tires. You don't want a tire rub on fiberglass fenders. 15"X6" with at least 3-3/4" backspacing, preferably 4". Most custom wheels come in 3-1/4" to 3-3/8" , which will make tires too close, especially turning while hitting a bump.
  22. I assume you mean the expansion tank that the factory installed, not an aftermarket overflow tank. The factory shop manual calls for a 12-15 lb. pressure cap. That's really all you need to know when buying a new one...and make sure it's for an open system, not a closed system! If you have the stock, factory cooling system it's an open system. You can buy an oe type or the kind with a pressure release lever depending on how original you want your car or what's available at the parts store. If you have an aftermarket overflow system added to the car, you need a cap of the same pressure rating but for a closed system.
  23. The standard size was 15"x6" with a 4 1/2" bolt circle...if that matches the wheels the shop installed you should be ok. The only other issue could be the offset. As far as tires go, a P215/70R15 or P215/75R15 should work fine. The 70-series should put a bit wider footprint on the road...the 75-series is slightly taller and will give somewhat better tire wear and fuel mileage...maybe not enough to notice. I have P215/70R15 tires on 15"x6" rims on my '70 with no issues at all. After 15 years, your tires were probably unsafe anyway...not to make light of them being stolen.
  24. My 1980 Avanti has been in storage for 15 years and I have neglected to visit just pay the storage fees. I have discovered the wheels and tires have been stolen. The shop replaced the wheels with older Lincoln Continental wheels and mismatched tires. The 15" wheels actually don't look bad but I'm concerned if they are the proper fit. What size tires do you suggest
  25. Suspect my '63 R1 has a bad overflow radiator tank cap. Who knows the aftermarket part number? Thanks, Billy Bobs
  26. If someone offered me $70k I'd sell them both my Avantis and run...not the bank!
  27. Anyone here seen the Avanti Mark Hyman is selling? He has an asking price north of $70k. Previously he listed another at just below $50k, which sold quickly. I think I'll have Mark broker the sale of my 63 R1. JWL
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  29. Correct, they fit in the lower scoop area where the brackets come through the body. Not the nose panel just behind the bumper.
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