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  2. Avant i interior makeover

    When you say "entire interior" do you mean every area that is carpeted or covered with leather or vinyl?
  3. When I got my '66, it had no rake at all. A quick look revealed the rear leaf springs had sagged quite a bit. A new set of springs from Eaton raised it back up. When I ordered them, the guy at Eaton asked if I wanted 'heavy duty' springs, at no extra charge. Basically, they just added one more leaf. It actually raised the rake up to what I felt was too high; I then put on a set of 1 1/2" lowering blocks which brought the back end down. To do it again, I'd probably not get the 'heavy duty' springs.
  4. New wheel and tire recommendation

    RE: Tires, I have been running Hankooks and their H724 Optimo radial but I heard the H724 will be discontinued soon. Because of that rumor, I just installed a set of their new H737 Kinergy PT on another car (non Avanti) Very happy with them.
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  6. Radio Dimensions

    I don't have one out, but I can tell you that a common replacement for the stock radio back in the 70's was the Blaupunkt Frankfurt. See illustration below for its dimensions (sorry, I goofed on the height, it should read 1.7 inches)
  7. New wheel and tire recommendation

    Thanks, silverstude.
  8. New wheel and tire recommendation

    Dave Thibeault http://www.studebaker-info.org/rjvs.html#tbow
  9. New wheel and tire recommendation

    Not familiar with Dave T, more info?
  10. Shafted Avanti!

    Were the diameters different, such that the larger diameter shaft would rub on the x-member? Why different diameters? Maybe because of engine/trans elevation in frame changed between Avanti and Avanti II? Really reaching here.
  11. front grill and front license plate device

    Years ago someone was selling a front bracket kit for a license plate that mounted under the hold down bolt for the center rubber and used a piano hinge that held the tag. When stopped the tag would hang down and at speed the tag would hinge back parallel to the ground and offered no obstruction to air flow. It was a simple design and worked extremely well on the '63 I owned at the time. With my '70 I tried to replicate it but I discovered the design won't work if your car has the stone guard grill...the tag bangs against it. So I didn't install the tag on the front...just leave it in the trunk under the spare tire cover.
  12. front grill and front license plate device

    Thanks for the thoughts on the front plate. I, too, like the look without the front plate. I notice Studebaker International has a plate bracket for the front, but cannot tell from the catalog sketch just what it looks like. Montana did issue two plates when I got my Vintage Plates.
  13. Radio Dimensions

    Anybody have their radio out or know the dimensions of the radio? Really don’t want the current cassette radio but some of the new radios with Bluetooth which allows streaming music from smartphones might work, but I need the dimensions. Thanks.
  14. 1963 avanti #3792 oct  15 ran 199.3 MPH @ the standing mile @ mojave airstrip

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  16. front grill and front license plate device

    Technically, in Nebraska the law states that a front and rear license plate be displayed. I have never displayed the front one on R1135 for the past 28 years, and not on my 85 for the last 3 years. Only once in that time about 15 years ago was I stopped for that (my kids were small and thought I was going to jail, but that's another story!). I never liked the looks of a front plate and felt that it restricted airflow.
  17. Shafted Avanti!

    No other thoughts/opinions on this one?
  18. "Avanti Stripe"!

    Nope, that isn't it......HINT!......studegary is on the right track when he considers day-to day 'wear' on a regularly driven Avanti....Now, what would eventually wear through the exterior paint leaving a 'stripe' effect?
  19. "Avanti Stripe"!

    The offset raised portion of the hood?
  20. "Avanti Stripe"!

    A very good answer, ...only someone who has actually owned an Avanti would come up with that one!,........however,...... not the correct answer here.
  21. '64 R-2

  22. "Avanti Stripe"!

    I am thinking that you may mean when the paint is rubbed off of the body line at the widest part (where most Avanti IIs had a rub strip).
  23. "Avanti Stripe"!

    All through?
  24. '64 R-2

    The Paxtons were designed to use ATF but the ATF of choice when made was Type "A" which is no longer available. There are multi-compatible fluids available now but I'm not sure they're the best choice. I would look for fluids made specifically for superchargers but not one that is synthetic. Synthetic fluids are too slick as the planetary balls require at least some friction to make sure all spin and roll equally. When a too slick fluid like a synthetic is used the planetary balls don't roll but kind of skid and can lead to failure. But to answer your question Type "F" should do ok.
  25. '64 R-2

    Thanks,Gary and mfg,for those tips,and I will post pictures after the Halibrands are installed.....As this is my first supercharged Avanti,I am unfamiliar with the supercharger and it's required maintenance.Am I correct in seeing that Ford transmission fluid is what is used in the supercharger?
  26. Yes, the much desired 'Avanti rake' can be somewhat achieved by removing spring spacers and going to a 'softer' spring, however, if the original size (P20575R-15) tires are used up front there will inevitably be 'tire rub' on the inside edge of the front fenders on turning.....Fiberglass fenders do not like 'tire rub'!!
  27. '64 R-2

    If it indeed is operating normally, it would probably make sense to unbolt it from it's bracket , place it upright on a bench and 'split the case halves'. This way the internals can be inspected (pay close attention to the five drive balls and their respective races).....you'd also be able to then thoroughly clean inside the unit. If you go this route, it may be wise to contact Paradise Wheels in California and order a couple of 'O' ring seals( to re-seal the case halves)...although if the originals aren't broken or torn they should be reusable. Post a few pictures of your 'new' Avanti when it arrives! PS....When inspecting the internals, also look at the output shaft (at the center of the five drive balls), and be sure to clean the brass oil pump screen (it unclips) that the supercharger fluid passes through.
  28. Shafted Avanti!

    Good thought!
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