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  2. False.
  3. Paula Murphy?
  4. All manufacturers produce new cars that are not filling dealer or customer orders. These cars for stock are not prototypes. They are sold as regular production.
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  6. The engine installed in the last 'Lark type' vehicle built at South Bend had an engine serial number which began with the letters 'JTS'.....True?
  7. In 1987, the 'New Avanti Motor Corporation' offered a complete strip-to-fiberglass and repaint any color (for older Avantis) special deal, with a price of...........? 1) 1800..........2) 2500...........3) 3600.....or......4) 4250
  8. The Avanti Bonneville R5 engine was rated at approx ------- horsepower. --------------1) 545............2) 560.............3) 610......or.......4) 638
  9. On a Studebaker Avanti, the 'S' shaped upper radiator hose can be installed properly in either direction........True?
  10. Studebaker Avanti carburetor linkage is installed onto the throttle bellcrank from the topside down.....True?
  11. All '65 Avanti ll's (actual production figures vary greatly), should be considered prototypes.....Dealer/customer ordered cars were '66's, hence the 'production line' moniker!
  12. No, that's not the reason!
  13. Monte My guess would be 18 ga but I'll get more specific if you need. Here's a shot of one of the troughs that I found. It needed some work but the other one I bought was new. I had considered just what you are suggesting, fabbing my own, but I got a screaming deal on this pair so I repaired the bad one and installed them. Looks like you bought my 74 from the picture. As I said, I'll help where I can if you want. I would guess that less fancy would be fine as long as the support of the body and rocker panels was there. Bob
  14. Thanks Bob. That's just the response I was hoping for. How heavy is the steel for the trough? Something that's easily bent with a brake or heavier like a plate steel?
  15. When I purchased my 74 it looked like this. The PO had replaced the rusted out hog troughs with 2X6 box. While it stabilized some of the floor there was a fair amount of flexing in other parts of the floor and body when it was stepped on. To replace the hog troughs, you can see I cut the rocker panels out and installed the one piece units. What you don't see is that the entire rocker panels are bonded to the hog troughs when they are in place to provide more structural integrity. This is the start of adding the bonding strips to the hog troughs to adhere the rockers to them. Rockers replaced. I added the pictures to give you some idea of the work involved in replacing them. Gunslinger is correct in that there are ones that can be installed without cutting the rocker panels but the install still requires cleaning and bonding the rocker panel, etc. You can find that procedure on the SDC website or google (hog troughs, dick steinkamp). He published the install. All that to say, if you're not prepared for this effort, buy one that has good hog troughs. I've been told that labor alone can run $2500-4000 for the install. There have been several discussions about using alternative designs to replace these units but IAC, you still need to supply body mounting structure and bond the rocker panels to it to have a rigid structure. OOPs! Just reread my post and see you already own the 77. I guess you can see what's involved now. If I can help with pictures, thoughts, etc, Just let me know. Bob
  16. The hog troughs are structural and bind the body to the frame. If they're rusted away it compromises the vehicle's integrity and safety. You don't necessarily have to remove the body from the frame as there is a vendor that sells replacements that don't require it but cutting the body and then repairing it needs done. Whether you think it's worth the money on that car is your decision.
  17. Hey everyone. I've had a couple Studes for a while, but just bought my first Avanti. It's a 77, so not really a Stude, but close enough for me! I went to look T the car with my dad who is an avid Hawk lover/owner. Neither one of us had much knowledge going into this, and when we noticed the hog troughs (lack thereof honestly) the owner explained them. I've done a little homework since, but have found conflicting views. How important are they? Are they for side impact, or body flex? Can you replace it by shoring everything up without spending $1500 on a pair and taking the body off? It's a 77 and the rest of it is a little rough too, so I don't feel like dropping that much ok it is justifiable just yet. I appreciate you guys reading my post if you made it this far. Thanks.
  18. No you are ok. Koni is still looking for their drawings. This will take a little while.
  19. All of the pressure is being applied from one side.
  20. What do you base this statement on? I pulled out John Hull's book and he states 56 Avantis for model year 1965.
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  22. All done here?
  23. Two good answers....but neither is correct!.....Anyone else?
  24. The original question assumed that the fixed Dunlop brake caliper was properly centered in relation to the brake rotor! Now, please rethink the question.
  25. Answer to question......TRUE!
  26. That's it exactly!
  27. I have spent hours on mine, last year... What you did is a real piece of art... Make sure customs never look inside your doors ;-) ! Daniel
  28. Whoa, I may be late to the ask, but I'm interested.
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