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  2. Recommended Tire Pressure?

    I have 205/70R15"s on my 1969. I have no idea what the proper tire pressure should be for these tires. Currently I have 30psi cold in them as my best guess. Am I even close to the proper pressure? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Wiper motor mounting difficulties - Another solution

    I liked the bonded style I chose since they have a large bonding plate to spread the load. They are available in male stud or female thread as my write up mentioned. They are also available in stainless steel as well as the plated steel that I used if corrosion is a concern. Like minds think alike!
  4. Nice! I used aluminum (no rust and won't damage the fiberglass like steel can) "riv-nut" threaded fasteners in the appropriate thread and re-used the original screws. No need to use backing washers inside the firewall to spread the force out around the hole, like with a pop-rivet. I prefer the ones with knurling on the barrel to help avoid them ever spinning in use, and you need the exact size drill/hole to where the rivnut needs a little push just to get it in. It's important to note the material thickness of the dash to get the correct grip range rivnut.
  5. 1963 R2 4 speed yard find

  6. Avantis & parts for sale

    I just connected with Bob Kline of Dover, PA regarding his holdings. If you're interested in anything here, his contact info is on the bottom of the page http://www.studebaker-info.org/kline22102017.html
  7. Avantis and parts for sale..

    I just connected with Bob Kline of Dover, PA regarding his holdings. If you're interested in anything here, his contact info is on the bottom of the page http://www.studebaker-info.org/kline22102017.html
  8. Last week
  9. Cardboard Avanti!

    Yep, it sure is....I was surprised at that myself last week when I sliced open a rusty '62 GT Hawk driveshaft and found it hugging the inside of the tube......Frankly, it looked like an oversize toilet paper spindle!!
  10. Annual SDC 'Octoberfest'!

    What a nice show!....I was pleased to see many of my long time Studebaker friends, and met some new ones too! ....including someone from this Avanti Forum! (Arkus) There were more vehicles entered into the Avanti class (12) than any of the other classes....All really nice Avantis, ranging from an early (63R 1097) Avanti red supercharged model to a low mileage and like new red 1989 Avanti coupe. We took the 1983 'Tapestry Red' daily driver Avanti, which turned the heads of a few folks that remembered that just a year ago it sat at about the same spot on the show field painted all white! I took several photos and I'll try to post them soon.
  11. Another new owner!

    Welcome, a couple of thoughts. Bob's site lists the previous owner back to 2003 so you might start with Googleing them. Secondly there is a vin listed and it should also be on your dash. Try Carfax to see if any other owners, original dealership, etc are on there. Bob
  12. Another new owner!

    Welcome to the Forum and to the world of Avantis!
  13. Another new owner!

    Well, my story is like many others I guess. My folks bought an extra car from my sister's piano teacher when I got my driver's license in 1968. Turned out to be a 1956 Sky Hawk with a 289 and automatic. I didn't know anything about Studebakers but grew fond of the car as drove it among the Mustangs, Camaros and Mopars of the day. There wasn't anything that looked like it. Later I bought a 1964 Daytona with an R 1 and 4 speed (yes, I wish I still had that!). The first Avanti I saw was a 67 in 1973 and you guys know the feeling, I was bitten. Over the years I have watched and read and kind of kept up on the Avanti story and last July I finally took the plunge and bought 1983 RQB 3771 from Dan Booth. Dan was not able to find the build sheet for the car so that bit of history may not be available. When I went on Bob's Avanti resource website I was amazed to find out some history of this car. It originally was white with a red dash and carpet, had a moonroof, a trunk rack, wire wheels, and someone had fitted it with a supercharger. All gone now. You can see the earlier pics and the current one I took on Bob's website, along with 4 previous owners. I'd love to know the history of this car, if anyone knows any of the owners or the story of this car I'd love to know. Thanks and I enjoy perusing the forum, I've learned lots. Mike
  14. 1963 Avanti Automatic Transmission

    Looking for a starter.
  15. Need help in DENVER

    I have followed Avantis for years, always knowing that I would own one some day. Been patiently looking at various cars seriously for about 1.5 years. Spoke to someone who has a 71 for sale. Claims 57,000 original miles and great condition. I am in Florida. Is there an avanti enthusiast who could do a pre-purchase inspection for me in Lakewood, CO? I would be happy to pay for gas/time. As these are unusual cars, I would feel more comfortable in having someone with Avanti experience do the look-see. Many thx in advance for any assistance that you may be able to offer regards Ron
  16. Cardboard Avanti!

    So, the cardboard is inside the tube?
  17. Cardboard Avanti!

    it was used by manufacturers to reduce hi-speed noise and vibration. quite common!
  18. Four Speed Avanti!

    On another aspect, the clutch. The pressure plate that came with my engine/transmission combo needed serious surfacing and I had found many issues with other components so decided to go with a diaphragm spring rather than a Borg & Beck. While it works beautifully, there is some work required to get clearance to the bell housing...and that is with the early GT that has the GM bolt pattern. The later one used on the Avanti is out of the question. If you want a diaphragm typt pressure plate, go with a fabricated bell housing.
  19. Four Speed Avanti!

    If you go hydraulic on the throw out, find the best one. My business neighbor builds hot rods. A few years back, he and a client decided to go to a hydraulic throw out bearing. Unfortunately the seal failed a few hundred miles from home and when the flywheel, pressure plate and friction plate get even a hint of oil, show's over. If you really want to go hydraulic, use a slave cylinder working on the regular linkage. Lose a seal and at least you can still limp home. I thought about it but decided to control the potential for mission creep by using stock. So far, I like it. Not as good as my son's WRX but not bad at all.
  20. Annual SDC 'Octoberfest'!

    Not from the "Boston area", but I have driven a variety of Studebakers up to that meet over the years. It is a good meet in a nice location. Bob Bourke signed up for SDC seated in my 1953 Commander Starliner at that meet. I will not be making it this year.
  21. Annual SDC 'Octoberfest'!

    Boston area Avanti owners!!!.....Don't forget about the SDC Ocean Bay Chapter's annual 'OCTOBERFEST' this weekend (Sunday, 22nd) to be held, as usual, on the lawn of the historic Museum Of Transportation, (Larz Anderson Park), in the town of Brookline, Massachusetts. The weather is supposed to be GREAT!, which means they'll be a nice turnout of Avantis of all years there! (As well as many beautiful Studebakers and Packards.) Hope to see you all there!! ( Event runs from about 10AM till 3PM)
  22. Cardboard Avanti!

    Can any one elaborate on where and how the cardboard was used? Enquiring minds want to know.
  23. Four Speed Avanti!

    Hey, I'm glad that you're happy with this conversion....I probably wont make the move till next spring....in the meantime I'll be rounding up necessary parts. I too will pull the engine/ auto transmission as an assembly....The engine in my Avanti hasn't been touched in 25 years, and it probably could at least use an oil pan cleanout and new rear engine oil seal. One modification I'm thinking about making is going with a hydraulic clutch release bearing kit....Jegs and Summit offer these for the T-10, and although they're a bit 'pricey', they supposedly provide much smoother clutch action.....And I was never very crazy about Studebaker Avanti factory mechanical clutch linkage, as I've had to repair/beef-up a few of those units in the past, with varying degrees of success!.....Take care!
  24. A Big Thank You!

    Wow!.....Did you purchase that primed Avanti body that was sitting on the car trailer?....From the look of the dashboard, it appears to be a '64 model?
  25. Cardboard Avanti!

    Thought this one might be a toughie.....but you got it!!
  26. Wiper motor mounting difficulties - Another solution

    I like that idea a lot. I have a/c and it is a PITA to get to those nuts. I did find it much easier when I moved the radio out of the way, then removed the speaker which needed replacement at the same time. Rob
  27. Well, Kennie sent me off to recheck my pulley alignment, which was a little off. I made a shim adjustment and rechecked. It was terrible. Too terrible to have been from the minor shim I had just installed. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the pulley was bent. Most likely the belt climbing off strained it enough to bend it. It has quite a wobble. New one on order and I'll take it from there. Thanks Kennie for making me stick my head back in the engine.
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