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  1. Brad Bez 'votes' for the first R3 'production' Avanti, R5089.
  2. 'Milaca', (from the SDC Forum) 'votes' for the 'Due Cento' Avanti.
  3. 'rusty65', (from the SDC Forum) 'votes' for the Sears Allstate Tire Cross-Country Avanti.
  4. Bob Caser, (from the SDC Forum), 'votes' for the Egbert Avanti R4130.
  5. We're referring to the Sears-Allstate Tire Cross Country Avanti.
  6. 'jnormanh', from the SDC Forum, feels 63R1001 is the most valuable!
  7. WCP (from the Studebaker Forum) chooses 'Any One' of the nine 'production line' R3 Avantis.
  8. I guess I'll toss my two cents in!......In my eyes, it would be a tough choice between the 'Egbert Avanti,' (for so many reasons), and the Bonneville Avanti #9.......... However, considering the fact that the R3 engines would only be a small footnote in Studebaker history if it wasn't for all the records #9 set at the Bonneville Salt Flats,.... and then considering the current value of the R3 equipped Avantis which were based on #9, I'd have to say that Bonneville Avanti #9 is today the MOST FINANCIALLY VALUABLE (and historic) of all the Studebaker Avantis! (IMHO)
  9. FALSE it is!.....Well said!
  10. False is CORRECT!
  11. 'studedave' (SDC Forum) likes 63R1001 (first production)
  12. All done here?
  13. No opinions here?
  14. And 'ddub', from the SDC Forum, also leans towards Sherwood Egbert's Avanti R4130