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  1. All done here?
  2. Two good answers....but neither is correct!.....Anyone else?
  3. The original question assumed that the fixed Dunlop brake caliper was properly centered in relation to the brake rotor! Now, please rethink the question.
  4. Answer to question......TRUE!
  5. That's it exactly!
  6. Give up on this one??
  7. If used through they're entire life cycle, Studebaker Avanti disc brake pads will show uneven wear because......?
  8. What prominent 'Avanti personality' said the following?................ "Avanti is a man's car, expressive of a man's will........yet, is a car a woman can love"
  9. How can a 'pocket full of pennies' sometimes improve a Studebaker Avanti's fuel system? (and no, I don't mean to purchase fuel with!!)
  10. Anyone out there remember what's especially significant about 'Avanti Newsletter' # 54?
  11. A few Avanti ll's were built in 1965, however, the first 'production line' Avanti ll's were officially 1966 models......True?
  12. And you are CORRECT!
  13. Not sure about Canadian rules, however JAPAN (Answer) definitely requires it!
  14. Tough one 'eh?
  15. That's it!!