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  1. No ideas here?
  2. Exactly!...Well done!
  3. No, as far as I know Granatelli never owned this Avanti...Good thought though!
  4. Why is the date 7/1/64 extremely significant to the history of the Avanti automobile?
  5. No opinions on this one?
  6. He may have, but in this case that's not what makes it 'special'! When you see that a Studebaker Avanti's serial number has a 'B' suffix, it means it was first sold & registered in California.
  7. CORRECT!.....the SECOND 'Egbert Avanti'!
  8. Anyone remember why Studebaker Avanti 63R1252 is historically quite special?
  9. Are we all done here?
  10. Throttle bores in factory 'R3 specific' Carter AFB carbs are not the same diameter as the throttle bores found in factory (front OR rear) R4 specific carbs.....True?
  11. No thoughts here?
  12. Your education is paying off!!!...John Seaton is CORRECT!!
  13. Studebaker's 6cyl Lark set ----?---- records at Bonneville in 1963. 1) 23.....2) 35.......3) 46.....or......4) 49
  14. A former warehouse, which was then converted into the Avanti automobile production facility,(in Villa Rica Georgia), was located (found) by --------------?
  15. Studebaker spent ten days at Bonneville in 1963, and attempted breaking existing land speed records every one of those ten days, including Sunday.....True?