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  1. Answer....#2, $2500!
  2. No tolerance here, Studebaker wanted the pivots to be EXACTLY that far apart!
  3. ANSWER...........It's the distance between the windshield wiper pivots!........Important to maintain to decrease stress on the fiberglass upper cowl panel.
  4. I guess you'd call it 'Fake News' 'eh Gary?
  5. No thoughts here?
  6. Correct answer.....TRUE!
  7. You could not be closer without being right!! The actual ratio is a slow 26-1..........Correct answer..... #4.
  8. All through here?
  9. Well, I'm fairly sure Mr. Trump is "A President of the United States" my original question is, of course, valid. Gary, I believe you may be 'swinging after the bell' again!
  10. YES!...Kelly indeed was the second owner.
  11. No connection, Trump apparently attended an auction held at the 'Avanti Atlanta' dealership back in '07.
  12. Important 'Safety Tip' bump!!
  13. Don't know!...It would be a 2006 or 2007 convertible, and Trump wrote "Your Fired" on the dashboard!! I wonder if he was thinking of Comey??
  14. Michael Landon it was!!........Anyone want to guess who the second owner of this Avanti, (also quite famous), was?
  15. The Altman's really were great salesmen....What a sensational idea! I often wonder how different the story of the Avanti would have been had Nate lived.