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  1. Did you get the part# for the rear shoes on 84 Avanti? Thanks Dennis

  2. Does anybody know if MC36248 is the right master cylinder for 84 Avanti? It looks right
  3. Does anybody know the part# for the rear brake shoes on 1984 Touring coupe?
  4. Does anybody know the part# for the front brake pads on a 1984 Touring Coupe?
  5. Avanti ll Parts For Sale

    I have a 1984 touring coupe looking for a tach just started looking haven't tried myers or dan booth yet
  6. 85 Avanti brake booster

    The Booster and master cyl. on my 84 look like the one on my buddys 68 Torino
  7. lost power

    checking at the switch power out when key is on. no power at ign.sw on back of the tach.all fuses ck good
  8. lost power

    Checked the ignition switch today looks to be working right.Anybody have any ideas?
  9. lost power

    I have lost power to the dash gauges,power windows,door locks mirrors,sunroof.Car starts and runs fine.I pulled the tach out to check the ground.ground is good but no power at the ign sw terminal.Could this be a bad ignition switch? worked fine one day next day nothing.This is on 84 touring Coupe RQB3866 thanks
  10. Can anyone tell me if the headlight rims on the 84 touring coupes were black or body color I have seen them both ways which is correct? Thanks
  11. Fuel sender access hole

    Can anyone tell me if the fuel sender access hole is still there on 84 Touring Coupes.I don't want to take the carpet loose if its not there
  12. Avanti Touring For '85!

    I know they made 50 touring coupes in 84 didn't know they made touring coupes in 85
  13. Faulty Avanti Lamps?

    False They are under the bumper not in the trunk lid
  14. Avanti Trap Door

    My 84 Touring Coupe does not have the trap door in the package shelf
  15. 1984 lower radiator hose

    Thanks for the numbers. The 20627 looks the most like the one I have