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  1. Right now I have a Purolator L30005 that came with the car from the previous owner
  2. Thanks were right, It's a beautiful car. I spent a whole day with him at the St. Louis Nationals. Very interesting man.
  3. Thank you...I hope to see him in SB in May. I hope he is going.
  4. Does anyone know if Dick Vaux is still active with the club? He's a friend of John Hull.
  5. Hello fellow Avanti owners. What have you guys been using for a oil filter for a 1964 289 R1? Right now I have a Purolator L30005 that came with the car. Thanks, Steve
  6. What amperage does the motor on a power window draw?
  7. Fairborn Studebaker has it under part #1584
  8. Looking for a Pertronix modulator #D-57-2
  9. Does anybody know Bob's email address for updating a car I sold?
  10. Sounds like a project far beyond my expertise and wallet. Maybe I will take Gunslingers path Thanks for your input.
  11. My right side (passenger side) power window can be inconsistent. It goes down with no problems, but coming back up it needs help. How much would a replacement motor cost or any suggestions? Thanks
  13. There was 809 made. How many of them are still on the road today? I don't have the answer.
  14. Thanks Gunslinger, the older mirrors were not that way, right?
  15. Is there a difference in the right and left Strato-Vue mirror. The catalog has a different part number for the right mirror.