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  1. 1963 Avanti R-2 R-2585

    Thank you, Gary. I was aware of that. I just wanted to know if anyone has seen the car.
  2. 1963 Avanti R-2 R-2585

    Has anyone seen this R-2585 Avanti (red). The title is 1964, but is definitely a 1963. I sold it to Bob Johnson. Kingsville Maryland?
  3. Pertronix ignitor

    Followup to this story. I put in new spark plug wires. Didn't start at all, the Pertronix died. I got 1 year out of it. It's under a 30 month warranty so I got a free replacement. Fast forward, put the Pertronix in. Car started, but ran like CRAP! Found out the spark plug wires were JUNK! NAPA replaced them and I'm back in business.
  4. Dick Vaux

    Thank you!!
  5. Dick Vaux

    Is there a chance he would sell it?
  6. Pertronix ignitor

    Thanks Deano for your input. Much appreciated. The first set I had (Pertronix) was good for 6 years, then last year it crapped out on me. I got the second one last June. It was fine until a month ago. I would get a occasional cough when driving. I'm going to look at the wires(spark plug) next. Steve
  7. Pertronix ignitor

    I have the #1584 Pertronix ignitor on my 259 R1. Has anyone had issues with their ignitor? Mine will occasionally backfire on acceleration. Everything else has checked out.
  8. Studebaker question

    Thanks Brad and Studegary!!! That's good information.
  9. Studebaker question

    What was the best year the Studebaker Corp. ever had in sales? I don't know myself. I was asked that question today.
  10. Ron Halls Avanti

    I attended the NSM on Thursday and noticed the 63 Avanti Ron Hall went 200 MPH in Bonneville. There was no mention of Ron or his name on the car. I thought that was a bit strange.
  11. this is a test

    Gunslinger....were you at the meet this year. I saw John Hull and visited with him at the Avanti host hotel. Also, John Seaton was there with his Audi.
  12. OIL FILTER??

    Right now I have a Purolator L30005 that came with the car from the previous owner
  13. Dick Vaux

    Thanks again....you were right, It's a beautiful car. I spent a whole day with him at the St. Louis Nationals. Very interesting man.
  14. Dick Vaux

    Thank you...I hope to see him in SB in May. I hope he is going.
  15. Dick Vaux

    Does anyone know if Dick Vaux is still active with the club? He's a friend of John Hull.