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  1. thanks
  2. I love that hood can I buy one?
  3. I love that hood can I buy one.
  4. Ok Guys, my son and I removed the tank this morning. Couldn't get the ebow to come loose so we drilled around it . on the body not the tank. job comeplete. Avanti 83 suggested to do this outside. now I know why. what a mess. The problem is the HOA won't let me work on my car in the driveway. so everything is done in the garage. After removing the tank I couldn't find a leak but it looks like the tank has been patched a number of times. I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a new tank. The Avanti parts web site has a tank for about 650.00. Is their anything less exspencive out there. Issue #2 when I would drive the car, I would get about 2 hours out of a full tank and then the car would die. Then I would put about 3 gallons in the car and I'd be off and running for a while. when we drained the tank I had about 15 gallons (also the gas gauge doesn't work). I can't figure out why it will cut out with plenty of gas and go again with a couple of gallons. also can't find the right fuel gauge. Avanti parts sent me the wrong one and summitt was no better. I need a gauge with TWO studs in the back not five, plus the gauge is a little shorter in depth. any I dea's will be greatly appreciated.
  5. thanks guys , i'll do this tomorrow . I will also let you know how it turns out.
  6. thank you Regnalbob. could you be more specific. I'm about two rungs below amateure.
  7. ok guys I need help. I have a gas tank leaking into the back seat and spare tire well. it seems to leak when the tank is full . My son and I tried to remove the tank today and couldn't get the tank to budge. We disconnected the filer , the straps and the gas line. We can't find any other connections. Were else can it be held down. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm thinking on dyeing my dashboard cover (black). plus could I dye the leather on the seats? good idea or bad let me know. the dash is a buckskin nasty brown at the moment as are the seats with cloth centers.
  9. I put a 350/325hp, crate from summit. Cost 2700.00 plus 300.00 for holly carb. in my '73. it's a thrill to drive.
  10. Now that the weather has finally cooled down in Plano, Tx. the car doesn't over heat. Went for a 20 mile drive today and the temp stayed at about 190. happy happy.. Now I can move on to other projects. carpets are next, cabin and trunk. I'm trying to locate a remnant , black 6x12 and make my own. oops almost forgot ,my son and I put a second layer of dyno mat under the dash and on the floor . helps a lot with the heat coming through.
  11. My son and I took my '73 basket case to cars and coffee. We got there at 6:15 AM and their was a line two blocks long waiting to get in . The gate keeper waived us right in while yelling I love your car. What a trill. I've been going to cars and coffee (Plano Tx) for about 3 years as a spectator and have never seen an Avanti let alone a Studebaker. We are truly unique .
  12. Thanks for the advise everyone. Wildfelr, wow you go out on a limb. I asked my wife and she said the reason they don't make Avanti's anymore is because they are a piece of crap. She's not a believer. I plan on washing her mouth out with soap as soon as she puts her shotgun down.
  13. OK another question more advise. my 73 has a crate 350 with the original transmission, does the old tranny have overdrive? it seems to be lagging when I get up to 60mph.
  14. Yesterday I took my '73 Avanti to the car show. Got there at 6:15 am and their was a line of cars 2 blocks long. I luckily got near the head of the line they flagged me right in ( they like cars that are different and Avanti's fit the bill.). I've been going there for over 3 years and have never seen an Avanti there. A lady in a 66 GTO parked beside me ,What a gorgeous car she said she inherited from her Dad. This was my time as a participant at a car show . What a thrill, I'm 68 acting like a teenager. My son also joined me and made the experience that much more special. I let him drive the car out of the show past the crowd. While at the show many people asked questions like "what the hell is that?" It was kind of funny because a lot of people took pictures. Other old guys where looking at the car and remembering way back when. Had a terrific day can't wait until the next time . I'M JUST AN OLD MAN LIVING HIS DREAM! One last thing, I know my car is not a show car, but it is a car that should be shown.
  15. Hi everyone, I did a little adjusting to the timing and turned the ideal down a hair. Also had a new exhaust pipes and mufflers done . The car is much better, I was out most of the day yesterday and car ran fine no overheating. Just want to say thank you to everyone for your advise. Stay tuned because this car was a basket case when I bought it and I am slowly fixing it up.