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  1. Avanti Safety!

    Hmmm.........Larks and Hawks had the red lighting in 1964.
  2. One of President's Last Acts

    Paxton Products from Robert McColloch (may not be right because I thought Studebaker paid $275,000 for Paxton (cash and stock).
  3. R3 Radios!

    I'm thinking that all nine had a radio.
  4. Avanti Safety!

    Was this one you had, Ed? Neither the Larks nor Hawks had "shock absorbing live rubber inserts", and as you note the Lark for sure didn't have "heavy gauge" bumpers.
  5. Avanti Safety!

    Heavy gauge (!) bumpers with shock absorbing live rubber inserts. The exclamation point is mine . Boy the ad guys could really lay the BS on thick.
  6. Avanti Air!

    False, it was every 4000 miles or six months. And replace at 20,000 miles.
  7. Loewy Stripe!

    Here is the cover of AOAI #153. Interestingly, it looks like the stripe goes in a different direction than the photo Brad posted. Is the cover of the AOAI mag an optical delusion?
  8. Loewy Stripe!

    abomination? Seriously, I don't remember seeing a picture of Raymond's Avanti II with diagonal stripes on the doors. Can you post an image?
  9. Avanti-Royce!

    Was the same wood used to overlay a Rolls-Royce dash used to do the dash/console on Raymond's Avanti?
  10. Avanti R4578!

    Did he drill a couple of big hles in the off-center raised area? Seems like I remember seeing a picture years ago (a poor quality picture, however) that looked like a couple of holes.
  11. Avanti Plane!

    I don't ever remember the Caravelle being mentioned as being done by Loewy Associates, so that lets out Loewy and Ebstein. Kellogg would seem to be too young, so I'll go with Robert Andrews.
  12. Sprung Avanti!

    I will push back on you on this one Ed. From the Shop Manuals, '62 thru '64 springs have the following dimensions: All (including Avanti) except K and Taxi: 2-1/2" wide x 51" long; front end to center bolt 20-1/2" except F3 which is 20" K Models: 2-1/2" wide x 54" long; front end to center bolt 21" Taxi '62 - '64: 2-1/2" wide x 58" long; front end to center bolt 22-1/2" So, the Taxi springs which I noted in my first response are 7" longer than the 51" long Lark/Avanti-style spring, and take special rear shackles and hangers. The Hawk springs are 3" longer. I've never tried to install Hawk springs into a Lark or Avanti much less the super long Taxi springs, so please explain how springs 3 inches longer (Hawk) and 7 inches longer (Taxi) will interchange (bolt into) the Avanti and the non-Taxi Larks.
  13. Avanti Jets!

    True, Carter 120-159, Studebaker 537185
  14. Avanti Safety!

    I'll start with two: rollbar, and switches mounted above the windshield
  15. 'Vana'!

    So.......if Vana is a 1989 Avanti convertible per the posted article, why is the answer False??