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  1. Avanti Pace Car

    Excellent point Gary.
  2. "Pre" Avanti!

    Some pics of the car show it without the V8 emblem, and some show it with the emblem. Here is a neat period photo with "the" man himself, that shows the emblem:
  3. Loewy-Bardot!

    Did she attend his parties? Not sure if she is in this pic or not, but it's a cool pic :
  4. Paxton Lingo!

    Decreasing the clearance between the impeller and the plate, to get more pressure output?
  5. "Pre" Avanti!

    The V8 emblem on the front?
  6. Levered Avanti!

  7. Homecoming '68!

    Had to dig out old newsletters for this . Answer is Dick Collins, shown in pic below:
  8. President Egbert!

    I'll say trying to push a younger/sporty/performance image for Studebaker. Or, the diversification effort.
  9. Avanti Yoke!

    True, at least based on the Avanti parts manual I have. Interesting little thing I noticed, unless the Avanti parts manual I have did not get updated to reflect it, the Avanti did not have the 'Spicer versus Mechanics' type u-joint mess that the Hawks and Larks did in '63/'64. Since I never have had an Avanti, I only know what the parts manual says. Can the Avanti experts confirm this?
  10. Avanti R4207!

    Was it the last Studebaker built (as opposed to MFG built) Avanti body? I'm really reaching here.
  11. 1963 R2 4 speed yard find

    Bob, can you post the serial numbers of the cars?
  12. Avanti '44'!

    I guess it would be some Dodge/Ram trucks.
  13. Avanti '44'!

    Jeeps! And Dodge Vipers (in an independent rear suspension setup).
  14. Isky Avanti!

    What were the specs on each of them, Ed?
  15. Avanti Paper!

    Mike DeBlumenthal (spelling may not be quite right )