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  1. Avanti 1/4!

    5 miles per hour? Again, this is assuming we are talking R1 versus R2.
  2. Avanti 1/4 Time!

    I thought it was around 1 second. Didn't we just have this question?? Assuming we are talking R1 versus R2, let's err on the conservative side and say 1) 8/10s of a second. (Of course, if we gave that R2 to Ted Harbit to prep for the 1/4 mile, or if it's an R3 versus R1, this difference would be larger. )
  3. Oily Avanti!

    Smaller diameter hole where the oil feeds into the rocker shaft.
  4. Steely Avanti!

  5. Avanti 'Squeeze'!

    Since they had to make other piston modifications anyway (to allow for increased piston speeds and loads in a higher performance engine), they included the change to a flat top piston.
  6. Di-noc Issue # 2

    Faded quickly?
  7. Avanti Drivers!

    I think it was California. BTW, here is a pic of Paula in an Avanti:
  8. Drilled Avanti!

    #3, 35% should be about right if I ciphered right.
  9. Avanti Time!

    Answer 2) Five
  10. Manual R3!

    True (five of the nine, by the way).
  11. Avanti Pride!

    I'm going to guess Gene Hardig. He had a long association with the Avanti both at Studebaker and at Avanti Motors.
  12. Last Avanti!

    Somewhere I have an article (probably Turing Wheel?) that has all of the 9 R3 Avanti Production Orders pictured, but I can't find it. In this thread: http://www.studebaker-info.org/AVDB1/R5000/64R5642/sdc33915b.html post #6, George Krem states that R5643 was built 12/26/1963 but does not provide documentation. (But I will say that I put a lot of store in what George says.......)
  13. Last Avanti!

    This is the one that WH Bennett Sr left a letter in the trunk (copy below) saying this was the last Studebaker Avanti built. He dated it 12/31/1963 but sources that I have seen give a 12/26/63 completion date, just like Gary says.
  14. Restful Avanti!

    True. And in some years, they also offered one for the front too! And you could get them covered in leather for an extra $25 each.
  15. Cool Avanti!

    Tinted glass?