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  1. Why do you refer to an Avanti as "'The Sears-Allstate Tire' Avanti"? There was a whole run of 1964 Avantis that were originally shod with Sear Allstate tires. I owned one of them. Perhaps you mean the one that the ladies ran cross country. I have seen that one many times over the years. I believe that it had 6K miles the last that I saw it.
  2. My opinion is R 5643.
  3. No. 4 - 27.
  4. I remember the car, but I do not remember the exact speed and do not want to look it up.
  5. Of course I realize that. I have seen them fail. You have missed my point, but I will not beat it any more.
  6. paint system selection
  7. You do know that that line is not part of the "...engine oiling system..." It could be removed and the port blocked and the oiling system will work just fine. It only feeds the gauge that monitors oil pressure, it does not contribute to the oiling of the engine. Of course, if it breaks you lose oiling of the engine due to the loss of oil. In fewer words, your query is flawed.
  8. Unique is an absolute term, not one of degree. With that said, I will answer with R 5643 as the last Studebaker built Avanti and an R3 at that (I know that 5642 is also an R3.).
  9. Chrome
  10. False - I am thinking that R-5653 was the last Serial Number assigned to a Studebaker Avanti (EX 2946).
  11. For a complete GM frame/chassis, you are limited to 1987-1991 and 2001-2004. You can NOT realistically put chrome bumpers on these cars.
  12. true
  13. I see it as a possibility. I have bought cars from the south that never had a heater. I was friends with the owner of a large Chrysler-Plymouth dealer in Poughkeepsie NY. He had a customer that bought a new car every year and would not have a heater in it. The dealer even offered to include a heater at no charge because he knew that he would be getting the car back in a year. The dealer ended up ordering a heater kit when he ordered the car and installing it the following year when the guy traded the car in. I know that this was still going on in the mid-1960s. This is where 20 below zero F is not unusual.
  14. #3756 would be Blake. I believe that Nostalgic has the build information for this vintage. John Hull might also have the information that you want.
  15. Probably true, since they receive pretty much all publications, including SDC's "Turning Wheels". I am just not sure if "requested" is the correct term.