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  1. At that time, new Avantis were over $30K, but there were many older used Avantis available for that $2500.
  2. Is that a minimum, maximum or is there some tolerance associated with that dimension>?
  3. Once again you are caught up by semantics. You know what you mean, but what you are claiming is not what your original query stated. The Avanti contains the signature of a U. S. President, but it was NOT signed by a U. S. President.
  4. At that time (at least 1983) they were using a GM 1/2 ton pickup gearbox. Studebaker Avantis were either 16:1 or 22:1, so I will make a guess at 3) 24:1.
  5. Then I guess that the answer is false since Trump was not "President of the United States" in 2007 when the signature was made.
  6. That narrows it down to less than 35 cars. I can't understand why someone would want any U. S. President signing an Avanti. What is the connection?
  7. I wonder when this car was painted and if it started production as a 1987 model and became a 1988 model. My 1987 Avanti was built in South Bend. Avanti production moved to Youngstown during 1987 (August). I thought that some 1987s were made in each location and that all 1988 - 1991s were made in Youngstown. What is the Serial Number of the Avanti in question? I do not know who the actor was.
  8. This just appears to be a simple attempt by you to get the last word in. I gave some supporting information to my number. I am still waiting for what you base your number on. Even John Hull revised his 1991 production number from 15 in 1993 to 17 by 2008.
  9. I thought that it was August 1965, so to fit in with your options, I will say July. The sale of the Avanti assets was made in June 1964. At least by August 2, 1965 there was at least one body complete. The "Wall Street Journal" "release" article was August 28, 1964. The press releases by Avanti of the new Avanti II was August 2, 1965.
  10. There are other cases of repeat numbers in rosters. It is usually due to someone selling a vehicle and not deleting their ownership and the new owner also listing their ownership. It is really the same vehicle. Sometimes, it is just an error in reporting a number. I consider John Hull's recent book, "Avanti The Complete Story", and other information that I have read to be "more definite information" than what you post as "fact" with no supporting evidence. I have read enough convincing information to change my mind and old records from 15 to 17.
  11. 1991 Avanti Serial Numbers are all in order; RBK 1201 - RBK 1217.
  12. It looks like Ed/"mfg" has no answer to my query.
  13. I suggest selling it as-is unless you can repair it yourself. Put it on eBay with a good description and pictures(including these). Have a very low starting price to develop auction interest and a reserve that you can live with. Some bidders may do their own repairs and/or have no idea what this type of repair costs.
  14. It depends on what "a little play" is. First find out where the play is coming from. Is it in the steering gear box, the center point steering bellcrank, etc.? The play should not be excessive, but you will feel some. Has it changed over time?
  15. What do you base your statement of 15 on? Perhaps you use the old data that I used to use. John Hull's Avanti book states 17 and I agree and believe that 17 based on information that I have learned since the 15 number was put out there in the 1990s.