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  1. The formation of Avanti Motors and/or the purchase of the Avanti assets by Newman & Altman.
  2. My educated guess is John Seaton, since it was basically his company at that point.
  3. Corvette
  4. I missed the "catch". The Service Letter was for power windows and you specified "all".
  5. TRUE - Service Letter F-1963-3, 1/7/63.
  6. True
  7. I will say true (due to the difference in compression ratio).
  8. If that is the one that Asa Hall bought in a Hawk and stored for years, I would guess 29 years.
  9. Ys, I see that. I misread the question. I was giving the amount lost from an R2, not the amount less than an R1.
  10. An R2 makes 18% more than an R1 or an R1 makes 15% less than an R2, so I will say 20% less for my answer due to the R2 having a lower compression ratio than an R1.
  11. The first Avanti that I saw was the first one delivered to the local Avanti dealer - Knight's Garage, Wappingers Falls, NY. They wouldn't let others drive the car. A friend of mine, that had a Corvette and a good job as an engineer, was interested in buying an Avanti. They took him for a ride in it, but they would not let him drive it. He went off and bought a new Corvette. He is still a strong Chevrolet man
  12. Since Loewy was a smoker and the sketch was very small, how about a match book? Who is this "Brooks Shield" that R1Lark speaks of?
  13. Since I believe that they were on an airplane, how about on a "barf" bag?
  14. I can remember seeing pictures of those transports with the signs on the sides, but I do not remember what was printed on the signs and do not have the time to search for a picture..