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  1. Again, I believe that we are hung up on semantics. I agree with your quoted statement. This would make the entry point face upward (into the lower point of the cylinder).
  2. I am trying to visualize this. The crossover goes into a lower position on the cylinder, so I will say that the entry faces upward - True.
  3. Only one correction. I believe that his name was Rodger Ward.
  4. We are talking about strictly shipping cost differences (not labor).
  5. When you say that "it will not start", does it crank over and not fire up or does it not crank over or not fast enough? If it cranks over, I first thought of a coil. If it doesn't crank over when hot, I would start with the starter. This assumes that all of the wiring is good/adequate size and has clean connections.
  6. Correct!
  7. 4) 950
  8. So that the ignition does not need to be powered (burns ignition contact points) .
  9. What was the expected/predicted savings per Avanti in freight cost in assembling an Avanti in South Bend as opposed to Ashtabula?
  10. It is used to suppress RF (radio frequency) interference. The fiberglass body does not do this as a steel body would. In other words, it is for the radio.
  11. I would say true since the Altmans tended to stay closer to the original Studebaker Avanti than the later owners did.
  12. I am going to say close enough. The number that I have is 129.
  13. How many GRP body parts were used to make the first production Avantis?
  14. I think that it was a sedan and he paid (reported) $15000 for it.
  15. That must be the reason that my eBay bid was cancelled since last evening. When I went to eBay, it said that the cancellation was due to an error in the listing.