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  1. Annual SDC 'Octoberfest'!

    Not from the "Boston area", but I have driven a variety of Studebakers up to that meet over the years. It is a good meet in a nice location. Bob Bourke signed up for SDC seated in my 1953 Commander Starliner at that meet. I will not be making it this year.
  2. 1963 Avanti R-2 R-2585

    Studebaker Service Letter No. G-1964-3 states in part; "...effective September 1, 1963 ... all new and unused Avanti models when first sold at retail ... will carry the registration year designation of 1964." This is why many that we consider to be 1963s are registered/titled as 1964s. This is probably the case for the Avanti in question.
  3. 'Avanti Black'

  4. Avanti Negative Comment

  5. Avanti Negative Comment

  6. Avanti Negative Comment

    Incorrect - You will be surprised (a clue).
  7. Avanti Negative Comment

    What Studebaker employee said that the Avanti "...was a greater sales 'dog' than the Edsel."?
  8. Avanti '44'!

    Maybe the Prowler.
  9. Di-Noc Cont....!

    I guess that I should have ended my response when I said "poor grounding".
  10. South Bend Body Production

    correct answer
  11. 1964 or 1966 Avanti -which to buy???

    I will add that with any 1963 -1991 Avanti, it is more important to look under the car (for rust in the frame and/or torque boxes) than to look at the body. I know that you are in California, but the car may not have always been there or it may have been stored on dirt, etc.
  12. 1964 or 1966 Avanti -which to buy???

    Ditto - I agree.
  13. Choked Avanti!

    You can make sure that the choke is fully open, but I do not see how you could "accurately" set it with a warm engine.
  14. South Bend Body Production

    Your shot missed the mark.
  15. Finally got to a car show!

    At least it won't get "lost" in the snow now.