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  1. All of the pressure is being applied from one side.
  2. What do you base this statement on? I pulled out John Hull's book and he states 56 Avantis for model year 1965.
  3. I agree with most of what Gunslinger posted. I am most likely older than you. I have owned near new Studebaker Avantis and bought a brand new 1987 Avanti. The 1987 rode much more comfortably than the earlier models on the Studebaker chassis.. I have also worked on many Avantis from various years. From what you request/desire I would recommend a 1987-2007 Avanti. There were 618 built for 1987 - 1991 and about 96 for 2001 - 2007.
  4. (copy) The plan to relaunch Italy’s Piaggio Aero Industries as a civil and defense aircraft manufacturer is gaining momentum some 20 months after moving production from an aging plant in Genoa to a $150 million, clean-sheet design factory in Villanova d’Albenga, about 56 miles southwest. This past September the firm delivered the first Avanti EVO twin turboprop manufactured there, and since then has delivered two more. I lifted this from a post on the SDC Forum (and that poster had lifted it from somewhere else).
  5. Because they are not self-centering, they are set via shims. EDIT: I thought that I had posted this earlier (before R1lark), but it did not show up, so I tried again.
  6. I say false. I think that there were 56 Avantis for 1965.
  7. I don't know, but it sounds like RL to me.
  8. Thanks for posting this, George. I know that I shopped there during that time. I do not believe that it is worth my time to come up with proof for what I may get back.
  9. It shattered the existing GTO Class record at Daytona and finished 27th.
  10. I would think that it was 1962 (and why many still refer to Avantis as 1962s).
  11. He was! He really left a positive lasting impression on me from the few times that I got to talk with him.
  12. I suggest putting it on eBay with a low opening bid to get interest built up and a reserve that you can live with. So many are now placing vehicles on eBay with a set BIN price and not getting a sale. EBay is an auction site and works best that way. (I have bought and sold many cars on eBay - none via BIN.)
  13. 1950 was the highest for car production both by calendar year (268,099) and by model year (344,164). The highest truck production by model year was 1948 (67,981). The highest year for net profit was 1959 ($28,544,338). .
  14. I do not believe that Studebaker added these A and B suffixes to the Serial Number. I believe that it was done by the state (California) in this case (not really "by" the state, but due to state requirements).
  15. I am glad that it doesn't have any "dents" <G>. I wonder what his first/prime language is. I may bid on it, but I doubt that I will reach his reserve.