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  1. P/S Control Valve hose seats

    My power steering control valve was refurbished by Randy Stanger in Leon Valley (San Antonio) Texas. Randy is associated with the Mustang club and primarily works on Ford units. He said that the Studebaker and Ford systems are virtually identical. Randy replaced the seats in my Avanti's power ram and control valve.
  2. Thanks! Made the correction and the starter now works. Warren
  3. I replaced the coil in R4415 with a new-old-stock coil from SI. At the same time I also installed a new resistor. I tagged the wiring so I would know what went where, but one of the wires escaped and I don't know if I re-attached it where it should be. When I turn on the ignition and try to start the engine, the starter does not work. If I jump the starter solenoid, the starter works. Since I haven't messed with the starter solenoid, my problem must be with how I wired the new coil and resistor. I am attaching some photos. Can anybody point out what I did wrong?
  4. Tanked Avanti!

    Could it be that keeping the fuel tank more than half full dilutes any trash or fines in the fuel tank (that would not be trapped by the 10 micron fuel filter) that would contribute to wear in the engine? (Misunderstood the question to refer to life of the Avanti, not the tank!)
  5. The First Avanti!

  6. The First Avanti!

    3) 1/62

    Car Quest # 85049 and NAPA Gold #1049 are both made by WIX and are identical in all respects except for the label on the can. It is getting harder to find the NAPA Gold filter.

    Oil Filter: NAPA Gold (WIX) - 1049
  9. Taking off starter to put freeze plug in

    How did it go? If you have power steering and R3 exhaust manifolds this can be a complicated job.
  10. Front Air Intake Grille

    Thanks. It's out now.
  11. Front Air Intake Grille

    To complete the installation of power steering on my '63 Avanti, I need to install the power steering pulley onto the vibration damper. I have removed the fan shroud, drained the coolant, and removed the radiator. I am stumped on how to remove the front air intake grille. I have removed the three phillips screws that secure the top, but the bottom three fasteners are posts that appear to be threaded into the plate along the bottom of the opening. Before I tear something up, anyone removed this grill before that can tell me how to do it? Thanks, Warren
  12. Thermo clutch check

    Revisit "everything has been restored." How completely was the engine "restored"? Did that include removing the freeze plugs and cleaning out the block? If not, there may be 50 years worth of sediment and rust in the engine block restricting cooling system capacity (and ready to plug up your clean new radiator).
  13. Original Tires

    That price was for the car without power steering, disc brakes, or 4-speed transmission which were added later, sourced from SASCO.
  14. Original Tires

    The original bill of sale for my 1963 GT Hawk along with the original warranty card for the spare tire indicates the spare is the one delivered with the car. The original tires were 710-15 Firestone 500's. The white sidewall is approx. 1" wide. The tires are itemized on the original bill of sale; the car sold new for $4,175.
  15. steering wheel

    Will it tilt upwards?