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  1. Gas Tank Removal-any suggestions???

    You've probably already removed the tank, and you may have discovered the following: Try to siphon as much gas as possible before removing the drain plug under the driver's door. Unless you install a nipple, the gas will spill onto the frame and create a mess. By siphoning most of the gas out of the tank beforehand, the container you squeeze under the door may actually hold all the gas that will be pouring out. (Having a shut-off valve in the fuel line makes this easier). After you have drained the gas from the tank, raise the front of the car a little with a jack. The fitting under the tank is not centered but located more to the rear. When the car is lifted, the tank will tilt to drain more gas out of the tank. Install a plug under the tank before removing the tank and you can proceed without spilling gasoline inside the car.
  2. Balancer to PS ram clearance

    Jon Myer modified "60" mount with thru-bolt installed on R4415.
  3. Balancer to PS ram clearance

    "The driver’s side front engine mount is the nemesis of every V-8 powered Studebaker, the Avanti no exception. Due to the torque applied to the driver’s side (left) front engine mount under heavy acceleration, the engine will twist and the front engine mount shears. Then, every time you stomp on it, the engine twists with catastrophic consequences: cracking the hood, breaking the distributor cap on the engine bay firewall. From the Studebaker Forum: “My experience, once ‘broken’ (vulcanized rubber separated), the motor will most always lift 1/2" or so when under hard acceleration and can be felt it in the gas pedal as the motor rises then re-settles.” Studebaker trucks use a different mount, one with a bolt that goes all the way through to tie the engine down to the mounts."
  4. Balancer to PS ram clearance

    Here is a relevant quote from the forum. Search this topic and you will see some pictures that Matthew Frushour posted with his comment. Matthew Frushour – “The thick front motor mount was the stock mount for the R1 and R2 the R3 got the shorter motor mount. I tried to use the shorter ones in my car and I ran into steering clearance problems.... the left tie rod was hitting the header pipe! Also the main crank pulley rubbed on the power steering ball joint!”
  5. Balancer to PS ram clearance

    I ordered this special front engine mount from MYER'S STUDEBAKER PARTS in Duncan Falls, OH. Jon Myers takes a stock motor mount and drills a bolt hole thru it – and provides the bolt.
  6. Balancer to PS ram clearance

    “The number 60 is significant because it identifies this as an Avanti motor mount. Other motor mounts look like this, but have a white “40” stamped on them that identify them as for other Studebaker models. The flared outer end is the side that rests on the metal support member and the number “60” will be right side up.” Avanti Authenticity Manual
  7. New Fuel Tank

    I am installing a new fuel tank in RQB-3430.
  8. P/S Control Valve hose seats

    My power steering control valve was refurbished by Randy Stanger in Leon Valley (San Antonio) Texas. Randy is associated with the Mustang club and primarily works on Ford units. He said that the Studebaker and Ford systems are virtually identical. Randy replaced the seats in my Avanti's power ram and control valve.
  9. Thanks! Made the correction and the starter now works. Warren
  10. I replaced the coil in R4415 with a new-old-stock coil from SI. At the same time I also installed a new resistor. I tagged the wiring so I would know what went where, but one of the wires escaped and I don't know if I re-attached it where it should be. When I turn on the ignition and try to start the engine, the starter does not work. If I jump the starter solenoid, the starter works. Since I haven't messed with the starter solenoid, my problem must be with how I wired the new coil and resistor. I am attaching some photos. Can anybody point out what I did wrong?
  11. Tanked Avanti!

    Could it be that keeping the fuel tank more than half full dilutes any trash or fines in the fuel tank (that would not be trapped by the 10 micron fuel filter) that would contribute to wear in the engine? (Misunderstood the question to refer to life of the Avanti, not the tank!)
  12. The First Avanti!

    3) 1/62
  13. OIL FILTER??

    Car Quest # 85049 and NAPA Gold #1049 are both made by WIX and are identical in all respects except for the label on the can. It is getting harder to find the NAPA Gold filter.
  14. OIL FILTER??

    Oil Filter: NAPA Gold (WIX) - 1049