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  1. John, if you do not sell please consider donating the program to the AOAI silent auction during the International Meet in South Bend.
  2. I now think the triangle logo could be APEX of some sort. Does that ring a bell with anybody?
  3. As underpowered as that car is I think it was a Slow Moving Vehicle sticker.
  4. Thank You Jim I think you are right on the Sun (owe you a beer if you are coming to the meet in May). Not sure about the triangle. Anybody else out there with a guess.
  5. I am getting ready to put all the logos back on the GT and have it ready for the show in South Bend. I don't know what the 2 sponsor (or logos) are just in front of the 28. One is a triangle logo the other say SUN but I don't know what products those would have been. These 2 logo were not on the car in Cancun. Anybody out there who can help? PS - I like the duct tape loon on the rear.
  6. Jack, do you still have this supercharger?
  7. What about Mike Baker? He may do that or knows somebody who does.
  8. Yes it does and THANK YOU. Hope you will make it to South Bend for the International so I can thank you in person. Bill
  9. I need a photo of the hood latch from a Mustang based 2006 or 2007. Mine had broken off and I cant remember if the long leg of the latch goes to the front or the back. Also what have you done to make this latch stronger? It seems to be a common problem of this latch breaking. Thanks for any help. Bill
  10. Talked to him last night. Got 4 of them on the way. He said he did not have many left.
  11. My body # is 4028. Don Linder of the Avanti House has body #4027 and the other gray one for sale was body #4026.
  12. The GT has the new style logo but I have not seen it used on any other car from the mid 80's. I know my car was not completed when it left the factory and was brought back to the states. I was told they took all the parts they could find to complete them once they were back so I am not surprised the logo were gone. I am working with a local tech high school to have some 3D printed out of ABS and will have them chromed. I am have them make a few and offer them up with proceeds going back to the school.
  13. Thanks, Still looking for anybody that has photo's of the build or after that aren't on the internet. Looking for more interior and rear end photos.
  14. Built in 1984 but officially called an 1985 1/2 by Avanti. I have it titled at an 1984.
  15. The 85 Avanti GT is now safe and sound in South Bend and I am starting the transformation of the car back to the way it was at Mid-Ohio. Talking to Herb Adams a few weeks ago I found out nothing was standard on this car. It was a test bed so it was always changing so I am going to do my best to get it back to how it was at that time. I did find out the 5.0 engine was the correct (or original) to the car because Herb said it was under powered, but Kelly had AC added to the car. We are removing that. I am going to replace the breaks back to the original Corvette C4 units and I want to replace the seats and add the roll cage. Any idea of the type of seats and roll cage I should use? Any photos that are NOT on the internet would be helpful. This is going to be my winter project and I want the car ready for the International in May. I will be posting photos as we go. I welcome input. Thanks Bill