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  1. Need 2002 Back Up Light Assembly.

    Did anyone ever figure out what backup light asemblies were used? (The rear bumper mounted ones)
  2. Hood Latch Photo

    The long end goes to the back of the car. I believe the latch itself is plenty strong. Maybe yours had bad welds and with better weld beads it will be just fine. I did find the lock part that is mounted on the firewall to not be very secure so I added fender washers on both sides of the firewall which gave the lock more contact area with the firewall and is now very secure. Also the lock had such a strong spring inside of it, it required a lot of force pushing down on the hood to engage it so I replaced it with a lighter spring found at Menards in their spring assortment drawers. This had the added benefit of releasing the hood much easier. With the old spring I was afraid the release cable would break as you had to pull on it so hard. Hope this helps.
  3. Air Cleaner for 1971 Avanti II

    I owned a 1971 for many years although I did not buy it new new. Your air cleaner is correct. I don't believe the decal is original. Mine had no evidence of ever having a decal and since these decals are reproduced I think a previous owner probably added it. Randy
  4. Back up lights

    Does anyone know how to change the bulb for a back up light on a 2006? I'm guessing the lens snaps out since there is no access from behind the bumper to get to a socket, but not sure and afraid I will break it trying to pry off lens, plus and I do not know of a source of a replacement lens.