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  1. The A/C system on my '69 wouldn't keep a charge after I acquired the car last June. So I put that problem on the back burner until I sorted out some other issues in the following months. This February, I started cruising on EBay to see if there was any snake oil available that might help the problem. I found a couple of items that seem to be working for me and I would like to share them with you. The first item is "R12 Superseal Repair metal rubber and stop leak kit for $29.75 including shipping. The second item is Maxi-Frig R12 compatible AC recharge refrigerant in 6 oz cans. George, my gray haired mechanic, checked the lubricant level, drew a vacuum on the system and then added one can of the Superseal and two cans of the Maxi-Frig to the system. He continuously ran the A/C in the car to thoroughly distribute the Superseal. The air coming out of the vents in the cabin has been ice cold ever since....much colder than when he first charged the system with the regular R12 last summer. I am now getting a nice 40 degrees at the vents and the leak(s) have been stopped. Now I'm looking forward to driving the car this summer. It does get hot here in Phoenix!
  2. Mirrored Avanti!

    My "69 has the low mounted mirror! I am about to move it to a high position on the windshield.
  3. Personal Messages

    I want to send a personal message but scouring the site has not revealed the proper way to do it. I have found an opportunity for "public messaging" and I am not sure what that is all about. If this is an IQ test, I am afraid I have flunked!
  4. LED Tail Lights

    Wow! What a great response. However, after digesting everyone's ideas, I think I will go with the simplest approach. The 1157 red LED bulbs with an electronic flasher will have to do. Anything more complicated will be way above my pay grade. Regardless, I will have brake lights that are brighter than what I have now. Thanks again everyone!
  5. Recommended Tire Pressure?

    Many thanks for all your good suggestions. I'll try the 32 front and 30 rear and see if there is a difference. All of my driving for now is strictly around town until I am sure the car is truly road worthy. There are still some things that have to be done mechanically.
  6. LED Tail Lights

    Has anyone installed one of the LED tail light kits that I see advertised? Is this a plug and play situation or is it more involved? It seems to be a good conversion to make since my tail lights are small compared to modern vehicles.
  7. Recommended Tire Pressure?

    This is very close to what most car mfrs recommend for their passenger radial tires. If this has worked for you on your Avanti, then I'll try 32psi and see how it works. Thanks for your input!
  8. Recommended Tire Pressure?

    Thanks for this great information. However, I am reluctant to inflate any where near the maximum since this can quickly wear out the center treads. Therefore, I'll do 36psi in the front and 32psi in the rear and see if the ride is too rough and I'll watch for uneven wear. Has anyone found a better psi level for inflation? I am riding on Michelins
  9. Recommended Tire Pressure?

    I have 205/70R15"s on my 1969. I have no idea what the proper tire pressure should be for these tires. Currently I have 30psi cold in them as my best guess. Am I even close to the proper pressure? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hood Pad Fun

    I have always wondered what purpose the hood pad serves. Is it for aesthetics? Is it to protect the paint on the outside surface from the engine heat? Et cetera? Any thoughts on the subject?

    Both vent windows are "free" at the bottom. The problem is at the top. You refer to the "pivot pin goes through the bush". I assume that you mean the top of the frame.

    I've had my '69 for about three months now and have not been able to open either of the front vent windows. Yes, I have released the little lock levers so that is not the problem. It also appears that new weather stripping was recently installed. Therefore, I gently went around the WS and loosened it to see if that was preventing the windows from moving. No luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Loewy's Ducktail!

    Probably because it was too expensive to implement.
  14. An easy way to change the door stop spring

    Where does one get an appropriate spring? Does one of the usual supply houses have it?