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  1. 1963 R2 4 speed yard find

    The black 63 R1 Automatic with Air is gone. Sold to Bill Kelso.
  2. 63 Avanti

  3. 63 Avanti

    Round headlight car,
  4. 1963 R2 4 speed yard find

  5. 1963 R2 4 speed yard find

    There are 8 others. They are all for sale but are in very rough shape. I am parting most of them out.
  6. 1963 R2 4 speed yard find

    1963 (yard) find R2 Supercharged 4 speed. Needs a complete restoration. It's been outside for almost 5 years with the window down. The interior needs completely redone. The frame seems to be getting rusty as well as the hog troughs. I do not know if the engine runs but is complete with the original carburetor. The left front is damaged. Mostly complete car. No title. This must be picked up with a trailer or rollback. Hagerstown, MD area. I need $7500 or I will part it out. Call or text for pictures. 717-360-3358.
  7. 63 Avanti parts cars for sale

    I have found 8 Avanti parts cars that have been abandoned in a junkyard. I purchased them, but do not have titles. Most have been sitting there for at least 15 years. Many have windows broken out or hoods off so the interiors have been exposed to the elements. Sitting on the ground, some without wheels, so the underside is rusting out. Let me know what you need and the price range you are looking for. There is a ton of work involved to remove some parts and therefore will only do so if the price justifies the labor. We ship anywhere, unless the size is prohibitive. Some larger items may be shipped by Greyhound, if you can pick it up at a local bus station. Pick up is also welcome in Dover, PA. We are 30 minutes from Carlisle or York or Gettysburg or Harrisburg, PA. This is a part-time fun business so it might take us some time to get back to you, depending on the response we receive. We hope to be able to help some Avanti enthusiasts as well as help the poor boys home, "this poor boy's home". Email me at bobsmuscleiron@gmail.com