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  1. Windshield

    I think the same way, if I was in real need I would pay for the 20 and fix my car. But I was under the impression that all the convertibles would use the same glass, and if that is the case, we are ALL in the same boat, no windshields for these cars. At least that I can find so far.
  2. Windshield

    Well so far I have about 3 hours of internet hunting and phone calls with a couple of email replies, not a windshield to be found, yet. If I was to have an accident, or some rock smashes into the windshield, would the insurance company total out my car?? If you can't see through a smashed glass, the car is unusable. This is going to be fun trying to find a glass. What are others doing?
  3. Windshield

    The fellow said it might cross with a Cadillac Allante, but the installer came out and looked and said no way. Mine is curved too much on the ends? I'm not sure if the 1991 is totally different from any other year conv or not. I said the same thing to him, heck if I order 20 I'd be stuck with probably 19 of them forever!! That is unless the 4 door models use the same glass, but he was unable to even find that glass part number.
  4. Windshield

    My original windshield is delaminating and is slightly giving a distorted view along the bottom. Stopped at the biggest glass shop here in my town and asked about a replacement. After him calling all his contacts, about 4 different other places, he said, well, looks like that glass is discontinued and no longer made! Anyone have a suggestion for my 1991 convertible glass? He said if I wanted to order 20, they would make them as a special run of windshields. No not interested in buying that many.
  5. Granatelli Avanti!

    I guess $2200 as the car was 6 years old by then.
  6. Delivered Avanti!

    Things (gas) were pretty inexpensive in 1967, so I will guess $100.00
  7. Avanti Parts!

    I think they had to plan at least 1 year out so I will say 1 year.
  8. From Round to Rectangular

    How about for show cars? To see if it would be accepted to the public?
  9. Cars and Coffee

    Looks like you get a great turn out at your gatherings.
  10. Andy's Impossible Feat

    The amazing handling capabilities of the car that drives true and straight?
  11. Avanti Studependous!

    Way back in 1982 I was not making much over $8.00 per hour, if that? so I'm going to guess $300 as that would have been for a 23 year old car then.
  12. Factory Paint Code?

    Well the paint shop fellow guessed he could be at about 95-96% close paint match with his camera. I accepted that and bought some to try and see how close it actually would be. It is really close, close enough that most people will not see the touch up spots. We are pretty happy and will have him mix up some more for a bumper paint that needs to be done.
  13. Factory Paint Code?

    I went up yesterday and had the fellow use his magic camera to shoot 3 different places on the body. He went back and mixed up a pint so we could try it out on some test panels as soon as it warms up outside. The camera gave the same codes for all the spots so it might be close. Will let everyone know once I get to play.
  14. Factory Paint Code?

    I will drive up and have them give it a shot, but figured if there was a way to know the actual paint code it would maybe make it as close a possible?
  15. Factory Paint Code?

    My 1991 white convertible has some areas that need touch-up. Stopped at the local automotive paint dealer and besides that there is no paint codes listed anywhere in their books, he hunted and pulled out 10 different paint chip packs for white. Each pack must have 50 shades of white, all packs a bit different shades. So after more than a hour of comparing each chip (500) to the trunk lid in the daylight, not one was what we would say a match. He said we could try his paint camera to see if they could get close to a match but said it is only a 90% match, maybe? Any one know what the factory used? where there may be color codes anywhere? Thanks