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  1. Andy's Impossible Feat

    The amazing handling capabilities of the car that drives true and straight?
  2. Avanti Studependous!

    Way back in 1982 I was not making much over $8.00 per hour, if that? so I'm going to guess $300 as that would have been for a 23 year old car then.
  3. Factory Paint Code?

    Well the paint shop fellow guessed he could be at about 95-96% close paint match with his camera. I accepted that and bought some to try and see how close it actually would be. It is really close, close enough that most people will not see the touch up spots. We are pretty happy and will have him mix up some more for a bumper paint that needs to be done.
  4. Factory Paint Code?

    I went up yesterday and had the fellow use his magic camera to shoot 3 different places on the body. He went back and mixed up a pint so we could try it out on some test panels as soon as it warms up outside. The camera gave the same codes for all the spots so it might be close. Will let everyone know once I get to play.
  5. Factory Paint Code?

    I will drive up and have them give it a shot, but figured if there was a way to know the actual paint code it would maybe make it as close a possible?
  6. Factory Paint Code?

    My 1991 white convertible has some areas that need touch-up. Stopped at the local automotive paint dealer and besides that there is no paint codes listed anywhere in their books, he hunted and pulled out 10 different paint chip packs for white. Each pack must have 50 shades of white, all packs a bit different shades. So after more than a hour of comparing each chip (500) to the trunk lid in the daylight, not one was what we would say a match. He said we could try his paint camera to see if they could get close to a match but said it is only a 90% match, maybe? Any one know what the factory used? where there may be color codes anywhere? Thanks
  7. Robotic Avanti!

    How about an answering machine?
  8. I sent you an email as we both live in Prescott.  I just picked up a 1991 Convertible.

  9. Removing the console?

    WOW, I now will be reading your site for days! Thank You, this is fantastic. You have put together a huge amount of information. Stacey
  10. Removing the console?

    Well you probably would have taken better care of it. I guess it really isn't bad, but I know it would have been cleaned and better maintained had I got it originally. But the wife is in love with it and over time I will bring it back to the standard it deserves. Just trying to figure out how it was assembled and how to remove things for fixing or cleaning. Is there a repair manual printed for these cars that you might know of? I understand the under pinnings are Chevrolet Caprice, but the actual body items are not.
  11. Removing the console?

    I found it on line and it was living for the past 21 years in San Jose, Ca. When I went to inspect, asked when the top was down last, he said at least 10 years ago. The wife drove it mostly, and had a hard time judging the edge of the garage door as both front and rear bumpers are scruffed on the passenger side but not terrible. Interior is very nice, a/c blows cool, not cold, radio speakers in the doors are blown and will be replaced soon. All the wheels are scuffed and will be replaced as will the tires. They are 8 years or older and still have great tread. The car has 46,000 miles after I drove it the 850 miles back to Az. It is white, maroon interior and top, he said he bought it with right at 6,000 miles. I have spent the past few days cleaning, rubbing out the paint and polishing. Gotthe engine compartment clean and will start pulling things off the aprons so I can clean better. The old owner said they made 6 convertibles that year but it seems he may have been mistaken? So far every stop we have made with the car over the past week or so someone walks up and starts talking about it. They either don't know what it is, or know someone who had one, or lived in a town where there was one, or always wanted one. Going to be a lot of fun.
  12. Removing the console?

    Just recently purchased a 1991 Convertible and the window switches for the rear windows are inop. I would like to pull them out and check to see if it is the switch or the actual rear window motors acting up. One switch is feeling like it could come up and out, but it won't so think if the actual console top could lift I could see what is keeping the switches in. Any help would be great. Thanks