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  1. Electrical

    Here is a new drawing that was offered to me to post / Might be of some help
  2. Avanti R4175

    Where did you get the ownership info?
  3. Avanti R3590

    I believe Jon Myers acquired that engine around 1999
  4. Body removal from frame

    Depends on what you want to do to the body. I did mine in a garage by initially building pylons under the trough corners, raised the car enough to unbolt the chassis and lowered it to the floor. Next was to insert a couple 4x4 posts between pylons under the firewall and another at the rear, then continued to raise the pylons till the chassis could be rolled out from underneath. Was a bit labor intensive jumping around shimming the pylons little by little, but method was safe and secure. The car was fully intact body-wise when this was done. If you need to work on the troughs, this would not be the way to do it.
  5. Avanti Calipers!

    To insure the pistons and pads are parallel with the rotor...
  6. '69 RQ-A For Sale in AZ

    Have any pictures?
  7. Which brake fluid, Master cylinder

    I have to agree that the DOT5 silicone fluid ( No matter how careful you are) will have microscopic bubbles suspended in solution and they will cannot and will not be bled out, causing less than a solid pedal. The better side of the argument in using this stuff is the long life of the components. One other damning problem with the stuff is, never get it on an unpainted surface or it will get absorbed and migrate through the strata causing a parade of horrors with your paint.
  8. 63 Avanti parts cars for sale

    Be better if you asked at bobsmuscleiron@gmail.com
  9. RQB3263 Steering conversion

    Here are a few notes http://www.studebaker-info.org/rjtechdec2017p1g.html#rackandpinion
  10. Removing the console?

    Well, 91's area a rare breed., but the drive train/chassis is 91 Caprice(?).. fuel injected, etc The body and interior is a lot of sausage from everyone else. You might run thru some of these notes on earlier cars. There has to be some similarity. I can only archive things that others tell me about. http://www.studebaker-info.org/rjtechdec2017p1f.html#91av
  11. Removing the console?

    Bob Lucarrel offered me that car in 1997. It was still in the Youngstown factory along with a red one... the last 2
  12. Nostalgic Motor Cars

    thx, the owner got through just today and couldn't be happier
  13. Avanti Gray?

    There are Gray shades, from Silver to Gunmetal and depending on how much $$$ you want to throw at it, you may experience the odd outcomes I've had. First time was a respray in a '96 Lexus color "Moonstone Pearl". This was a medium GunMetal, not that dark. It looked great until it was parked it under a fluorescent light, then it looked green. The second time (current paint job), the color from a 2014 Chrysler called Pewter Gray Pearl. This was a slightly lighter than the previous color, but again, the surprise was a muddy gold under fluorescent light. So, beware of the pearl....
  14. Any ever answer your question on the power locks?


  15. Hood stuck

    Under the fender on the older cars there is access to the latch on each side behind a rubber plug . Pull the rubber plug and use a large blade screwdriver as a lever and pry the spring loaded slider aside / release each side separately