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  1. 84 touring coupe master cylinder

    I once did a survey on MC's from 63 - 89, but can't find the notes right now, but look at this http://www.studebaker-info.org/parts/NEW/mc.txt I think the 76 Ford Fairlane (390 engine) w/ disk brakes is the one you want. That seems to fit up to 1987
  2. 84 touring coupe front brake pads

    Read thru some of this... http://www.studebaker-info.org/rjtechoct2014p1.html#84av May have what you need or not.
  3. Need an email address

    Thanks, this is for an overseas query.. I'll add the email to my website..
  4. Need an email address

    Anyone know Dan Booth's email address / Nostalgic Motor Cars? thx
  5. Window Motors on Ebay.

    I don't know what year If you do what's the part #'s http://www.ebay.com/itm/Avanti-II-Many-Mid-To-Late-1980s-GM-Cars-Power-Window-Motors-2-Nice-NOS-/232428470105?hash=item361dd0ff59:g:0AIAAOSwmc1XPLvX&vxp=mtr
  6. Avanti II engine

    My car ,1970 RQA-0381 had the build written on June 26, 1969 - Engine# V0312880 (350/300) - Body #RQ-4921 Does anyone who owns an early Avanti II still have the body tag on the car?
  7. a/c blower motor 1980 Avanti ii

    PB Blaster is good for breaking loose stuck (rusty) stuff but is not a lubricant. For a motor like that, a good grade of light oil is sufficient. Good old 3-IN-1 is great
  8. Avanti II engine

    My 70' (RQA-0381) had the valve cover ground down for the Alternator also...
  9. Hog Troughs

    Would anyone get heartburn, if I put it online?
  10. "POWER STEERING" 63 avanti

    The BEST thing you can do to ANY stude or Avanti II to upgrade the steering is to swap out the center pin housing with bushings for a Housing that uses needle bearings. You wouldn't believe you even needed Power Steering. and this can even be made better by incorporating one of Ray Fichthorns adaption to use a 3rd bearing...
  11. The Avanti website

    Check your email
  12. New to the Forum

    Thanks, This almost had to do be done with my car, but managed to get away without it.
  13. New to the Forum

    Anyone on this Forum ever split the fender seams and removed an outer fender?
  14. New to the Forum

    How did that happen? Most of the damage forward of that dark spot is just empty wheel well space. From this view, it would only take 3-4 hours to make a decent repair. Painting it would be another thing.
  15. Barn Find Avanti!