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  1. PB Blaster is good for breaking loose stuck (rusty) stuff but is not a lubricant. For a motor like that, a good grade of light oil is sufficient. Good old 3-IN-1 is great
  2. My 70' (RQA-0381) had the valve cover ground down for the Alternator also...
  3. Would anyone get heartburn, if I put it online?
  4. The BEST thing you can do to ANY stude or Avanti II to upgrade the steering is to swap out the center pin housing with bushings for a Housing that uses needle bearings. You wouldn't believe you even needed Power Steering. and this can even be made better by incorporating one of Ray Fichthorns adaption to use a 3rd bearing...
  5. Check your email
  6. Thanks, This almost had to do be done with my car, but managed to get away without it.
  7. Anyone on this Forum ever split the fender seams and removed an outer fender?
  8. How did that happen? Most of the damage forward of that dark spot is just empty wheel well space. From this view, it would only take 3-4 hours to make a decent repair. Painting it would be another thing.
  9. thx
  10. Occasionally, they fly over my house on the way to Dulles. Unique engine sound, you can tell it's coming. Always look great.
  11. Can you get the serial number? thx
  12. My 64 R2 had those strips, installed by the dealer where the car was sold. They were made for Mercedes-Benz and were made of metal fastened to the sides of the car, with rubber snubber inserts. I was never a fan of them but they worked well and were left on the car. Later when my Avanti II was being renovated, another kit was purchased, but never installed. It's still sitting in the garage...
  13. You may ask these people about making them...
  14. Magnesium, once on fire will create its own oxygen and cannot be put out with water or the usual extinguisher. This was first found out in fires on early aircraft landing gear. Those new versions of the Halibrand design are sure to be all aluminum..
  15. Should have 3/8" inlet/outlet