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  1. So.. where is that Avanti today?
  2. I think it was actor Michael Landon, who played Little Joe on Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie.... Highway to Heaven.. and others.
  3. They took out an ad around Christmas time offering a Christmas gift to surpass all others: The limited production Avanti II automobile! The ad stated that because of the 12 to 14 weeks required to custom build an Avanti II would prevent the car being ready for Christmas, a set of Avanti keys in a special presentation box was available to symbolize the gift. You could place your Avanti II order at Robertson's in downtown South Bend or the Concord Mall in Elkhart.
  4. I'd answer this, but it wouldn't be fair to others
  5. Wonder if they take a trade for both an R1 and R2 Studebaker?
  6. There are two very good explanations on replacing Avanti torque boxes in Avanti Magazine Issue 134 (Spring/Summer 2006). In either case, the fiberglass rocker panels were NOT cut. That does not need to be done and your paint will not be ruined. Find someone who can loan you Issue 134, or get a digital copy from This link.
  7. False.. The nut is on top of the bellcrank hole. See photo from the Avanti Authenticity manual.... yellow circle shows the throttle arm attached correctly to the bellcrank.
  8. Believe it is probably 1) .020"
  9. Except those old Starlite Coupe rear arm rests could hold a cold six pack of your favorite beverage!
  10. The white Avanti on the airplane was most likely 63R-1002. During it's restoration and later its debut at the Amelia Island concours 3 years ago, one of the tiny Avanti flags was found inside the back seat arm rest, under the ash tray.
  11. Actually, on second thought, the B-number was stamped in the rear.
  12. True.
  13. The actual flap door on later Avantis was larger than on the earlier '63 models
  14. But really true, since the Avanti rear sway bar will not fit without modification to the Hawk... ie: welding brackets to the top of the Hawk frame rails.
  15. Loewy had exhaust cut-outs added, operated by two manually operated cables mounted on the console in front of the transmission shifter.