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  1. Personal Messages

    Ted, if you mouse over a user's display name, you will see a box pop up with a link to send a message, like in the screenshot below when I moused over your display name.
  2. Unique Avantis!

    extra points for you!! exhaust cutouts on his California car only.... cable to open and close the exhaust cut-outs were on the console, behind the heater/vent controls on his '63 Avanti 63R-3422. Pull the two handles in front of the automatic gear shifter and the noise quotient goes up! give up yet on what was unique on 3422 and 4578 under the hood?
  3. Unique Avantis!

    No... Not Chevy engines I know.... I've been in both... but waiting to see who else might know. (hint: pictures of both have been published in Avanti Magazine) And for extra points, what performance modification was installed in Loewy's '63 R2 Avanti that he drove in southern California?
  4. Visor repair/restoration

    Studebaker International has a full page ad coming in the next Avanti Magazine, and list Avanti sunvisors (along with a picture of both) as part #1347700-1. The ad says to call for availability and price. Lew
  5. Nostalgic Avanti!

    Don't know which one, but would love to see and publish the photo!
  6. R5643

    Joe Erdelac offered the last production Avanti for sale in the early 1970s for $100,000. You could have bought this car in 1965 from a Motor Trend magazine ad for just over $7,000. Missed out again!
  7. R3 Axle!

    Yes, FALSE, the Highest ratio, 3.07:1 (lowest numerically) is the correct answer, as MFG says, above. The LOWEST ratio (Highest numerically) ratio available for an R3 was 4:55. The first of 9 production R3 models came from the factory with a 4.55:1 rear axle ratio. It was a drag race from stoplight to stoplight!
  8. Avanti "S"!

    63R-1250 did not come from the factory with a windshield washer. So there must be others without this accessory too.
  9. R3 Axle!

    False.... it was 3:07
  10. Avanti "S"!

    Good one.... although one could argue that the windshield washer was an accessory and not all Avantis left the factory with one. So this is not a permanent structure of the car, unlike the 1964 turn signal housing castings.
  11. 'Vana'!

    Sorry.... it was late and I thought the question said 1988. Question is TRUE..... a 1989.
  12. Avanti "S"!

    I think TRUE.... at least on the 1964 models, the cast turn signal housings have the Lazy S cast into the inside of the housing, directly behind the lens, in front of the bulb.
  13. 'Vana'!

    The answer is FALSE. Vanna is a 1989 Avanti and was featured in Avanti Magazine #124 Fall/Winter 2003.
  14. Avanti "S"!

    False. The "S" emblems as used on the Avanti were not the "Lazy S" as used on other models.
  15. Black Avantis!

    False it is. My 1963 Avanti, 63R1250 (the 250th Avanti) is the 16th black Avanti and the first black Avanti with a black interior (actually black & fawn, as all 1963 models had fawn dashes and upper trim). Long ago, I went through the first about 260-270 production orders and made note of each black Avanti. From my research, I started with the first car and skimmed through production orders, stopping at #1356. By this point, black cars were few and far between. As you know, Studebaker switch from black to gray, then later in production, brought back the black painted cars, as an extra cost option. As you can tell, Black with red interiors were the most popular. 63R-1013: Black w/red interior 63R-1015: Black w/red interior 63R-1017: Black w/red interior 63R-1019: Black w/red interior 63R-1020: Black w/red interior 63R-1021: Black w/red interior 63R-1026: Black w/red interior 63R-1029: Black w/red interior 63R-1150: Black w/red interior 63R-1156: Black w/elk interior 63R-1160: Black w/red interior 63R-1161: Black w/red interior 63R-1193: Black w/red interior 63R-1202: Black w/red interior 63R-1213: Black w/red interior 63R-1250: Black w/black interior (mine) and continuing.... 63R-1257: Black w/red interior 63R-1297: Black w/tourquoise interior 63R-1356: Black w/elk interior