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  1. Believe it is probably 1) .020"
  2. Except those old Starlite Coupe rear arm rests could hold a cold six pack of your favorite beverage!
  3. The white Avanti on the airplane was most likely 63R-1002. During it's restoration and later its debut at the Amelia Island concours 3 years ago, one of the tiny Avanti flags was found inside the back seat arm rest, under the ash tray.
  4. Actually, on second thought, the B-number was stamped in the rear.
  5. True.
  6. The actual flap door on later Avantis was larger than on the earlier '63 models
  7. But really true, since the Avanti rear sway bar will not fit without modification to the Hawk... ie: welding brackets to the top of the Hawk frame rails.
  8. Loewy had exhaust cut-outs added, operated by two manually operated cables mounted on the console in front of the transmission shifter.
  9. 63R-3422 (Body No. 63RQ-2430) was Raymond Loewy's personal Avanti which he used at his home in New York and later Palm Springs. The car was picked up by Avanti designer Tom Kellogg on April 16, 1963 and delivered to Loewy via Kellogg to Loewy offices in New York City. The car was originally Avanti Gold, but was repainted two-tone beige and white and the Loewy signature "V" added by custom builder Pichon & Parat in Sens, France. The car is now privately owned by an AOAI member in southern California. Attaching the car's build sheet and drive-away paper, signed by Tom Kellogg. An almost identical car was owned by Loewy for use at his Paris home in 1963 and 1964, before being traded in at a Paris Studebaker dealer. It is now owned by French photographer Daniel Denis.
  10. I think it is TRUE.... An '83 Avanti I know of has dark blue carpet inside the interior, and in the trunk... if I remember correctly.
  11. Wonder if any 1967 Avantis were built without a heater and defroster?
  12. We still send a copy of Avanti Magazine to the Library of Congress, and you can find those copies listed through their online catalog. This is done mostly for copyright purposes for each quarterly issue. We also send a magazine each quarter to the Detroit Public Library, which has one of the most extensive collection of automotive publications.
  13. setting the tow-in on the front wheels
  14. Ask Brad or stop by the shop.
  15. If you want to stay in an Indiana shop, call Mike Baker and Rick Moon who works in Mike's shop. Otherwise, contact Brad Bez in St. Louis for a proper repair that holds up over the long run.