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  1. Lancer, Schuyler is right... go with a major transporter and deal direct with them. It might cost a little more, but they use their own trucks and trailers and normally don't drop the car off somewhere else to another driver. Reliable Transport, Passport Transport are great to deal with, as is Intercity and Horseless Carriage.
  2. It's near you in Stafford, VA, owner is in Derwood, MD
  3. Dennis Richard Gallatin, who went by his middle name, Richard, died March 16, 2017 at his home in Alexandria, Virginia. Richard created and ran the website, (formerly in the early 2000s and continued cataloging maintaining the site until shortly before his death. Avanti Magazine Issue 179 is in production and should be in the mail next week. We have a full obituary on Richard Gallatin in the magazine. He was 72 and died from cancer of the liver and esophagus. A graveside service was held Saturday, March 25 at Fairfax Memorial Park in Fairfax, Virginia. Memorial contributions maybe be made in his name to Capital Caring Hospice, Resource Development Dept., 2900 Telestar Court, Falls Church, VA 22042. Although his email and website are no longer active, the AOAI will publish his complete website as a link off of our site in the near future, as a continuing memorial and legacy to Richard.
  4. He was driving a (think this is the correct year car) 2002 Mercedes Kompressor coupe. Before the Mercedes, he owned an red Acura NSX
  5. Scott and R1Lark..... You're correct. Photos were reprinted on page 48 of Avanti Magazine Issue 128 Fall/Winter 2004. They were reprinted from the Petersen Publishing Complete Books of Engine Swapping. And someone did indeed removed an R4 engine from a 1963 Avanti and replace it with an Oldsmobile 455. Of course, no Avanti came from the factory with a dual four-barrel R4 engine, but this was Southern California, and the Avanti owner most likely bought the R4 engine from Granatelli's Paxton Products. I'm guessing that something broke inside the R4 engine, and that is the reason it got replaced with the 455. Any guesses who the man is that's leaning on the passenger side fender? this magazine is now available as either a digital version or you can order a bound, printed copy from the magazine page of the AOAI webisite: Wonder where this car is today?
  6. Still looking for a few good, high resolution photos for the next Avanti calendar. Send photos that are sharp, have a good background and has no identifiable people in the photos. Also send a detail photo of the car interior or engine compartment. Avantis from the 1970s and 1980s are expecially needed, and maybe from the 2000s. We like to feature cars that have not already been in a previous calendar. Also include a 3 or 4 short paragraphs about your Avanti's history, when you got it, serial number and any featuers. Email the photos and description to me at Thanks!
  7. Here are three photos of Brad's R2 with air from above, these showing the belt wrap for the compressor, Paxton and mini one wire alternator. This is using an aluminum radiator with electric fan operated automatically by an electronic fan controller. The fan comes on at a set temperature normally, but also is turned on with the AC. All the brackets and the pulleys are Brad's custom engineering.
  8. The link is there for anyone to get the digital pages.
  9. Does anyone know what happened to Richard Gallatin, the creator and webmaster of It is not working for me today, and doesn't go anywhere. I tried to email Richard, using 3 email accounts that have worked for him in the past, but the messages are all returned as undeliverable. Hope he is OK.
  10. More content will be coming... photo galleries and more! Stay tuned!
  11. So.. where is that Avanti today?
  12. I think it was actor Michael Landon, who played Little Joe on Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie.... Highway to Heaven.. and others.
  13. They took out an ad around Christmas time offering a Christmas gift to surpass all others: The limited production Avanti II automobile! The ad stated that because of the 12 to 14 weeks required to custom build an Avanti II would prevent the car being ready for Christmas, a set of Avanti keys in a special presentation box was available to symbolize the gift. You could place your Avanti II order at Robertson's in downtown South Bend or the Concord Mall in Elkhart.
  14. I'd answer this, but it wouldn't be fair to others
  15. Wonder if they take a trade for both an R1 and R2 Studebaker?