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  1. Golden Quill awards

    I received the May 3 issue today of Old Cars Weekly today and Ed Meyer, editor of The Steering Wheel, the monthly newsletter of the Missouri/Illinois Gateway Chapter (SDC and AOAI) won the Golden Quill award in the Regional Sub Compact division. (Ed won honorable mentions in some past years, but this is the first full award!) Ann Turner, editor of SDC’s Turning Wheels and also me, editor of the AOAI’s Avanti Magazine won in the National Luxury division. Other than Turning Wheels and Avanti Magazine, Ed's Steering Wheel was the only other Studebaker publication to win a certificate in the competion. Three other Studebaker publications received honorable mentions: The Echo, by Chris Collins in the Grand Canyon State Chapter; The Studebaker Spokesman, by Claude Chmielewski of the Wisconsin Region, SDC; and Brian Curtis, editor of the Antique Studebaker Club’s Northwest Passage, Pacific Northwest ASC chapter.
  2. Caster and camber confusion

    "eccentric".... just like the Avanti drivers !!
  3. 1963 Avanti For sale

    No underhood photos.... R1, R2??
  4. check with Olympus Avanti, now located in eastern Tennessee. They were having more reproduced in stainless steel. Last ones I saw were very good, better than originals. address and contact info is in Avanti Magazine.
  5. A J's Avanti!

    where? when? I have not heard or seen any article of Foyt owning an Avanti.
  6. Tacoma registration

    Registration is also online now at aoai.org/shop
  7. Tacoma registration

    The AOAI registration form is in the new issue of Avanti Magazine.
  8. Loewy Skylab!

    A drawing of the Avanti wheel arch opening.... drawn to resemble the Sputnik reentry curve?
  9. Avanti R-5051

    I hope that "someday" is soon..... both for R5051, as well as 63R1001 and 63R1002.
  10. Visor repair/restoration

    If you want to try repairing your visors, if not too far gone, check out the article in Avanti Magazine #170, Spring/Summer 2015, on page 50. You just might be able to repair cracks in your sun visors using supplied from most good art supply stores.
  11. Unique Avantis!

    Probably just an illusion..... although whoever assembled it in France may have clocked the compressor halves a little off to one side.
  12. Unique Avantis!

    Finally, an answer! I thought someone else would know this one! First photo is R4578, still on the road in France. Second photo is R3422, still on the road in southern California.
  13. Personal Messages

    Ted, if you mouse over a user's display name, you will see a box pop up with a link to send a message, like in the screenshot below when I moused over your display name.
  14. Unique Avantis!

    extra points for you!! exhaust cutouts on his California car only.... cable to open and close the exhaust cut-outs were on the console, behind the heater/vent controls on his '63 Avanti 63R-3422. Pull the two handles in front of the automatic gear shifter and the noise quotient goes up! give up yet on what was unique on 3422 and 4578 under the hood?
  15. Unique Avantis!

    No... Not Chevy engines I know.... I've been in both... but waiting to see who else might know. (hint: pictures of both have been published in Avanti Magazine) And for extra points, what performance modification was installed in Loewy's '63 R2 Avanti that he drove in southern California?