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  1. Electrical

    Absolutely...that could be the source of the spark you experienced. Many years ago when I owned a '63 Avanti the battery kept running down. I couldn't figure out where the problem was as the battery would take a charge and a load but kept running down. One morning I walked past the car and heard an electric motor running. The fan switch in the overhead had a contact completing a ground against the outer frame and started the fan motor going. I taped it off and no more problem.
  2. 1976 dash in a '63?

    There is a difference in the gauge inlay...it's cut different. The inlay fits the same but the ignition key inserts in the lock on the steering column in a '76 so what was the round hole for the switch in a '63 is now oblong for something else in a '76. There are a few added holes punched for different indicator lights in the '76. Outside of that, the vinyl dash pad is the same.
  3. Visor repair/restoration

    Nostalgic Motors has NOS Avanti visors...but hold on to something when you hear the asking price...you might pass out.
  4. Loewy Stripe!

    Uh...oh...looks like a new paint job is in order to be correct!
  5. Avanti "S"!

    I used to own R4341 years ago...it had no washers either.
  6. '87 Avanti!

    I'll say true. Mike Kelly had a habit of retaining the first car of every new series for himself. The second may have gone someone else in the company like his dad.
  7. Avanti Safety!

    Fully padded dash...recessed controls...fully padded interior...safety cone door locks...gas tank mounted above the rear axle...rear opening hood.
  8. windshield wiper motor

    You're correct...there are nuts behind the dash. Unless your arms and hands are elastic you'll need another person to help. One of you has to reach up with a wench to hold the nuts while the other tightens or unscrews it from the top.
  9. Tracked Avanti!

    Not if Recaro seats were in the car.
  10. Avanti R5653!

    Back around 1973 or so I went to look at an Avanti for sale. It was in good condition...R1...automatic, no p/s, no a/c...pretty much a base car. The asking was $3250 if I remember. Being in school with little cash I had to pass it up. A few years later after graduation and being "gainfully" employed I purchased my first Avanti...another '63 R1 but better equipped. I really dove into Avanti history...at least what it was at the time...and discovered the '63 I first looked at several years earlier must have been one of the original prototypes. I distinctly remembered it had the rear view mirror mounted on a ball socket on the dash like a '61 Chrysler my dad once owned. From what I had found out, only the original prototypes were equipped with the mirror on the dash. It really made little difference...if I had known that several years earlier I still didn't have the cash. If the seller had known the price would probably have been higher.
  11. Factory Paint Code?

    If nothing else works, try contacting John Hull as he may have access to the build sheet for your car. It usually has the paint name and code listed.
  12. Adding fuel injection

    The Edelbrock EFI on my car is a previous generation compared to their current offerings but it works great. It uses a dedicated Mallory distributor designed for the Edelbrock EFI. Mallory was bought by MSD so that distributor may be discontinued now. The only drawback I've found is that the EFI requires a minimum of 10.5 volts to operate properly. When the alternator went bad let's just say the car ran funny until it was fixed.
  13. Adding fuel injection

    I have Edelbrock EFI on my Avanti...no fuel pump was needed inside the tank...a supplied in-line electric fuel pump was installed along the inner frame rail by the gas tank. If you do decide to add EFI, make sure you change all your non-metal fuel lines to the proper pressure rated hose. Standard fuel hose isn't pressure rated.
  14. That might just be the goal of some. A friend, when he was a teen and drove a Firebird fit a couple of bottles of bleach in his rear fender wells and had a cable set up he could pull and let bleach out on his tires. He would smoke the tires in a way his friends were all amazed at the "power" his car had. I don't know if he ever smartened them up on what he did.
  15. S Egbert nickname

    I don't know if he liked it, but even before he went to Studebaker Mr. Egbert was known as "Mr. Go-Go-Go". It pretty much summed up his personal and business attitudes towards how he did things.