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  1. Avanti Brakes!

    Nope. disc brake spindles had a machined flat where the adapter bolted.
  2. avanti R1 general information

    It IS cleaned and rebuilt. If you know anything about factory procedures, the choke housing was chromated, and a different color than the surrounding natural aluminum casting of the rest of the carburetor. Thanks again for your ignorance trying to throw me under the bus.
  3. Loewy Wheels!

    When I worked on it a few years ago, and when the museum shipped it to me, it did in fact have magnum 500s on it.
  4. Avanti Negative Comment

    Byers Burlingame
  5. Accurate Avanti!

    #5......what the customer wants. Part B there is limited suppliers of Acrylic Lacquer. Part C. it is illegal for many professionals to spray. Part D. possesion of non HVLP spray equipment in certain zones is punishable by a $50,000 EPA fine.
  6. avanti R1 general information

    Carburetors are not that hard to do. Attention to details, and the replacement of worn parts is paramount to good results. New Champion plugs are made in China, and the porcelain is crap.They foul out, and stay fouled out. NGK or Bosch is much much better
  7. steering box rebuild

    Call me if you run into any trouble . I'm always willing to talk someone through a procedure.
  8. Avanti Script

    34? Huppmobile
  9. steering box rebuild

    I have rebuilt many a box. But you can do it yourself, or any good mechanic can. The replacement parts are usually just the shaft bushings, and end balls, and shaft seals. If the worm gear or pin bearings are bad, then it becomes harder to find those parts. SI sells the shaft bearings, but they are too long, so must be modified, and after pressing into place, the oil hole has to be bored through.
  10. Uninvited Automatic Downshift

    Yes, I was trying to say the rear transmission drum. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. Uninvited Automatic Downshift

    Sounds like the rear drum is locking up. Could be the one way clutch sprag is worn and over centered .
  12. Paint Code for 1988 Avanti Red

    I have a color chip book, Plus, I have a little paint left over from Tom Larners 89 red Avanti. Drop by the shop, and it's yours.
  13. Avanti Linkage!

    The "L" brace on the wiper motor to the cowl into the rubber well nut?
  14. r-2 with air

    I did it a coupe of times and a few different ways. I like to use the smaller compressor as it is ......smaller(duh). I used a Nippondenso alternator under the supercharger on the latest project.
  15. Hyman Avanti

    I did the gold R1 that recently sold for 59,000 The white R2 currently offered is nicer, and had more done to it than just the cosmetic restoration I did. A complete nut and bolt restoration with every part taken back to as new condition, is well over the asking prices even high end brokers get for vehicles. It is worth having a professional broker your car, as they don't market to the walmart crowd. I always say if you want the market values to rise, then market to upscale buyers. it isn't elitist to know whom to market to, and how to get their attention.