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  1. no I can think of cosmetic changes, not mechanical
  2. Blade bumpers. Just like Corvette, and Jaguar
  3. Just buy a new one from Jim Turner. Available in braided stainless steel, with a stealthy black rubber coating. No one will ever know except it will never fail again
  4. yes, it is
  5. 61-62 are Gm Pattern, 63-64, Ford bolt pattern. False
  6. The power brake booster
  7. That is why only three Tspoons. The long chain molecule is what is needed. It doesn't drain off the drive element after sitting. This tech tip was told in an old newsletter in the early 70's Perhaps by John Erb himself IIRC.
  8. You can make your own that is exactly the same. Use B&M original Trick Shift, and three tablespoons of STP.
  9. I had to have one made for the car I restored for and shipped to Switzerland
  10. 8 oz......1/2 a quart
  11. On the wiper switch, the yellow and res wires from the foot pump connect to the yellow and red main harness plug, then the plug from the foot pump connects to the switch. there should e a blue and black to a connector from the main harness, and that plugs to the switch closest t the column (from underneath. The very top wire is purple, and just above the connector, a single blue wire plugs in to the switch. Next to the black wire on the connector, a single black wire plugs the switch.
  12. The aluminum machined end goes into the tube of the hand brake at the fire wall. You should also have a j-nut on the hand tube, and outside of the firewall there is an oval looking washer wwith two holes in it. The larger hole slips over the end of the protrudiiing tube, and the smaller hole is where an acme screw retains the hand brake into the j- nut. The cable then passes along the frame just behind the steering box there should be a sheet metal clip that is held in place by a bolt. Then along the floor about 6" in back of the gas pedal there should be two holes. That is where the j hook bolts the far end of the cable. There should be a flat square piece of metal with two holes, that goes against the floor, then the cable, then the j-hook up into the passenger compartment, and held with one nut.
  13. Make sure the replacement cylinder is the correct one. Many sites list the cylinder, but when pressed on the size it is not the correct one . It HAS to be the 3/4" bore. Otherwise the brake bias will be wrong, and you WILL lock up the rears before the front, and possibly spin.
  14. On the clock, it's red cellophane. On the radio, it's the red edge of the dial glass. All others it's due to red bulbs.
  15. There were two different setups. One was the more common dipstick type you see, and the other utilized a pump that looked like a fuel pump mounted near a sump tank.