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  1. All the drip rails I have seen were polished stainless steel not aluminum.
  2. Spinning Paxton!

    Nope, they were CCW for some cars, like Corvairs
  3. Paxton Balls!!

    Bellville spring wave washer, and shims
  4. Avanti Glass!

    Have the correct replacement glass! lol
  5. Unloaded Paxton!

    The ORIGINAL and EARLY McCulloch superchargers had a bakelite clutch under the races. They were not pinned or fastened in any way, and would slip (on purpose) when boost exceeded the set solenoid regulator pressure. This slipped the outer races to the same RPM as the input shaft and ball driver, thereby stopping the balls and any slippage and resulting heat and galling. By the time they went to V8 models, and higher RPMs then they pinned the races as the clutches would burn at the higher RPM.
  6. Brake caliper

    Your year Avanti uses the same bendix calipers as the original Studebaker Avanti. NOT the ones listed in Rock Auto. Sorry, they are about $200, not $40. The little button on the piston is there for pad retraction, There is a pin inside the caliper, and there is a friction clutch inside the caliper piston, There is a spring that pulls the piston back a pre-determined amount every time you release the brake pedal.That in turn pulls back the pad, via the button that the pad slides over. It will still work ok, without the pad sliding over the button, but it would be better if you had it. The only thing may be a little bit more squealing, and some slightly increased pad wear.
  7. Fueled Avanti!

    False, it's two straps
  8. Avanti Swap!

    it's the lower shock mount that is different. False
  9. Avanti Radio Speaker (rear)

    http://www.turnswitch.com/speakers.htm I do know I have used these, and they sounded much better than originals. They have them in the correct impedance.
  10. Reproduction Avanti Bumpers

    Excellent quality. Fit on one end was slightly off, but it may have been the slight damage to the outer end I re-used. Much better than the later Avanti II bumpers with the crease across the length of the top. Much better than most rechrome shops. I have had peeling on the back sides, marks where they straighten on the back side, and waves, and grind marks that were unacceptable on rechromed units. None of that is true with the new ones. You will have to find the large cage nuts and use them on the new.
  11. Avanti Markers!

    Datsun. not sure which model.
  12. Pinch bolt socket size?

    3/8" 12 point.
  13. Fuel Gauge

    Stuart, your gauge is done. P.M. sent. Thanks Brad
  14. 1350106 parking lenses

    No, they are not that hard to find. One bidder is I would guess related to the seller, and not a genuine bidder. The other bidder knew this and played him then dropped out. No sale.!