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  1. 1950 was their highest production year. In terms of profits, I don't know.
  2. If you are just talking about the top , then there are 6 holes. One at each "dome" just outside the top airhorn gasket area, and one behind the rear most center screw tower. Don't forget the accelerator pump hole. So, #2
  3. R3 engines all use the Avanti water manifold, regardless of body type.
  4. .045 is what I drill 'em out to
  5. Cosmetic changes to the valley pan don't qualify as mechanical changes.
  6. Where the front fenders bond to the cowl or firewall, and were the rear 1/4 panels bond to the inner wheel housing mainly in front of the rear wheels, Also the seams tend to shrink and show up at the rear above the tail lights, and also the seams between the trunk and rear window. Also the tops of the fenders, and the top of the 1/4 panel where it bonds to the roof skin Where would you like it to show after spending hard earned money on a restoration? Should we leave all the "Defects" in just so you can say it is as the factory made them? Things shrink nd change over 50 years. I say make them the best you can as if the company had no restraints in time or money in producing them. ALL factry produced cars are a compromise in this regard.
  7. No Avantis didn't ALL have the same steering box. I know this for a fact. Pre production prototypes, tried a Saginaw recirculating ball type, like Larks, but with a stub shaft, and rag joint. I have seen one with my own eyes, at a May swap meet in South Bend, and also one currently being restored in Washington state has one installed.
  8. no I can think of cosmetic changes, not mechanical
  9. Blade bumpers. Just like Corvette, and Jaguar
  10. Just buy a new one from Jim Turner. Available in braided stainless steel, with a stealthy black rubber coating. No one will ever know except it will never fail again
  11. yes, it is
  12. 61-62 are Gm Pattern, 63-64, Ford bolt pattern. False
  13. The power brake booster
  14. That is why only three Tspoons. The long chain molecule is what is needed. It doesn't drain off the drive element after sitting. This tech tip was told in an old newsletter in the early 70's Perhaps by John Erb himself IIRC.
  15. You can make your own that is exactly the same. Use B&M original Trick Shift, and three tablespoons of STP.