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  1. I'm asking $12,500 With a some wiggle room. It is RQB 3921 a touring optioned Coupe, With Recaro leather seats ln new condition. A moon roof that works properly and doesn't leak in a car wash. The Hog Troughs and frame are solid. It has never been wrecked, However I did taxi an airplane into the left front fender. It was properly repaired. The original paint was Block sanded off and repainted in year 2000. The car is black and black. I can't seem to include photos on this web site however I will E-Mail any current photos you may want. E-Mail, or call 417 887 3687. Charlie RQB3921
  2. I have a 1984 Touring optioned coupe for sale. It is mechanically about an 8, the interior a 9.5 And the body a 7. The engine is a Jasper 350cid with tuned port EFI and serpentine belt. 700R4 Transmission, and postraction. I've owned it since 1998.
  3. #4 Neoprene fuel flex hoses. The Alcohol mixed with the gasoline will attack the hoses. Charlie RQB3921
  4. Me too !! charlieRQB3921
  5. If you're thinning Epoxy DON'T USE RUBBING ALCOHOL! It's Isopropyl Alcohol and contains 30% water !! Use DENATURED ALCOHOL available at any hardware or home improvement store at a low price. Charlie RQB3921
  6. Me thinks it's a fake add. Too many grammar mistakes and misspelled words ! Charlie RQ3921
  7. They were probably the ones that engraved the new owners names on the plaques that were offered to new owners. Charlie RQB3921
  8. Yes it's still available. I'm probably going to list it on E-bay during June Charlie RQB3921
  9. Like you I've sold a number of things on EBay but no cars. Nor have I sold with a reserve. I like your suggestions with the opening bid and no BIN. Charlie RQB3921
  10. I was really hoping that this would go to someone in our AOAI group. I'll probably list it on Ebay, and Hemmings now.
  11. Engine; 350 cid, TPEFI, serpentine belt, Transmission; 700R4, Differential 2.86 postreaction, Recent wheels, tires and windshield, Hog Troughs and Frame Is solid. Exterior is 7-8. Interior 9.9. Recaro seats and the rest of the interior is PERFECT. Same owner since 1998. Total mileage; 102322 miles, Engine and accessories mileage 17494 miles. No better driver at any price !! Asking $12,500 Charlie RQB3921
  12. Mine can be bought for about $5000 less money and is a much nicer driver ! Charlie RQB3921
  13. False. It's for better mixture distribution and vaporization . Charlie RQB3921
  14. My 84 TOC has Camaro Brakes. I believe they were factory installed. charlieRQB3921
  15. Mine's all original and the carpet is the same in the trunk as the interior. YES. Charlie RQB3921