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  1. 74 Avanti - Interesting bumper treatment..

    interesting wood dash treatment....
  2. 79 Avanti for sale...

    This car is located in Downs, IL just outside Bloomington, It is 73. I believe Dennis Paul has seen it first hand and can tell you more about it. Just remember, An inexpensive Avanti is an expensive avanti.
  3. Olympus Avanti (Chicago)

    Has anyone had good or bad interaction with George Dmitsas from Olympus Avanti out of Chicago?
  4. 2002 Avanti, but..

    I've never paid attention to the rear end of this era avanti. I would think it would be VERY difficult to see the 2 brake lights on the corners of the rear end. Luckily the 3rd taillight is there. There seems to be an issue on the passenger FRONT too!
  5. Bring a trailer

    My new favorite site to find interesting cars for sale... http://bringatrailer.com with an avanti...... http://bringatrailer.com/2016/03/03/factory-supercharged-2894-speed-1963-studebaker-avanti-r2-project/
  6. hemmings find of the day page 5

    Any bites on this since it appeared online? http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2016/02/10/hemmings-find-of-the-day-1989-avanti-convertible/
  7. 1989 Convertible Questions

    I saw a 91 convertible at the Lisle show a few years back ('09). I have loved the lines on that ever since. I love the transition from the bumper to the hood (not as big of a "bench" as my 88) and how it is longer/lower/wider than the Avanti-carlos that preceded it. There is one for sale In Cali for around $29000 still available. See this link for pix (a bit of scrolling is required). Now to convince my wife I need another car.....
  8. I talked to this guy at a car cruise in Bloomington (ILLINOIS) last summer. I gave him a copy of an Avanti Magazine and told him to put an ad in it or look on this site. Not sure if he did either, so I thought I would pass this along. His name is Monte. Below the pictures is a posting from Bloomington/normal craigslist. I hate to do it but, the time has come to sale my super rare and all orginal Avanti II. I have owned this car for a little over a year and have come to the conclusion that, if I haven't started working on it by now, I probably won't and I refuse to be that guy who says he will get to it and never does. First, this is a real car and NOT a kit car. (Google them and fimd out for yourself). The car is all orginal and all there, (the gas tank door is inside the car). The engine is the orginal Chevy 400 from the factory (it is stuck right now amd won't turn over), and the trans is the orginal auto that came with the car. The body is in good shape and it is all fiberglass (stock from the factory), the passenger front does have a small crack in it but, should be an easy fix. The driver side hog trouphes are gone but, the passenger side are still there and in good shape. This car is super rare amd 1 of 109 produced in 1973. The title is there and good to go!DI am asking $4500 OBO, pick up only and cash only. NO TRADES. If you are a serious buyer please call me at 309- EIGHT FOUR SIX - 2999. Other pictures taken by Dennis Paul in October
  9. AVX "Hummer" Type

    I thought at some point, around the 4-door AVANTI/Suv phase did Avanti motors have some interest in LISTER automobiles? I seem to remember a link to lister and maybe some other obscure vintage looking racecar. I should have just googled it. Found this "The new-generation Listers were brutal performers, with the prototype clocked at 11.6 seconds in the quarter-mile using 16-inch street tires! Standard features included a Chevrolet V-8, a four-speed transmission, fully adjustable independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, and a Dana rear end. This example is the final one of the 12 factory-built cars manufactured by Avanti, and it was created specifically for the 2005 SEMA show. After this car, Avanti sold the Avanti-Lister line to Lucra Cars, which continues to use the same body plus a similar chassis and suspension for its LC470. " and this on theavanti.net
  10. radiator on 88

    Was told by mechanic, the radiator on my 88 is not a GM radiator. Any truth or is it BS?
  11. 1988 Avanti now in Central Illinois

    Well you know here in the SOUTH, it gets a LOT warmer a LOT quicker than up there in the NORTH. LOL
  12. 1988 Avanti now in Central Illinois

    Good choice, Avanti's bread is the best!!!! Couldn't make the Avanit's dome for the show, but I am planning on debuting the 88 Avanti Coupe @ the Twin Cities Crusiers Cruise @ Towanda Plaza on Saturday evening....(if the rain takes a break this week)
  13. 1988 Avanti now in Central Illinois

    For those of you in and around Bloomington, IL, I am the proud owner of my dad's Black 88 Avanti coupe. He passed away in October after owning it since new (he also had a 1971 Avanti that was sold for the '88).It has 32,000 miles on it and aside from stalling a 2 times early in the trip, it made the 130 mile journey from the suburbs to country with no problems. If anyone knows any reputable repair shops in the region, pass it along. Due to a floaty ride, squishy breaks, and rough idle, it needs a little TLC from a good mechanic. Thanks
  14. 1988 Coupe Production.

    my dad's, which I recently took ownership of is an '88 coupe WITHOUT a sunroof.....
  15. Going up to Chicago on Wednesday July 30th, I spotted a white Avanti from the 2000-2007 era heading south on I-55 not too far from Dwight, IL . Never seen one on the road, only at Avanti shows. I wonder who it was....