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  1. I would like to see it so please send pictures to my email dkh427@aol.com or my phone 717 341-5950. Thanks, David Hostetter
  2. 63 Gold Avanti w/tangerine interior

    I was fifteen when some guy in the neighborhood ordered his gold Avanti optioned as stated. That car has been on my mind ever since. I called him after the national Studebaker meet in Lancaster a few years ago. He told me his sister, who happened to be at an ad agency in NYC in 1963, suggested he take a look at the new sports car Studebaker was introducing. The rest is history as they say.
  3. More than a year ago I described my interest in a 63 R2,4speed gold w/tangerine interior. I just wanted to catch up with the gentleman who responded that he had one but was not interested in selling. At the moment I am not quite ready to buy but I would like to renew our acquaintance and stay in touch. David
  4. I fell in love with Avanti's 45 years ago. Some guy in the neighborhood ordered his Avanti as described and traded it a few years later in Atlanta. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about this car. The meet in Lancaster reignited my interest and I will be in the market just as soon as I am able.