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  1. Rear Quarter Window Seal

    avantibngrant............can you please bring us up to date on this project. Is your CAD work completed? Will Valerie, in fact, reproduce these seals............if you know? Keep the channel frame I sent you, as long as you like, but I would like it back. John
  2. towing

    What Gunslinger said X2
  3. WTB USED Avanti LEFT Back Up Lens

    Got one. Problem solved. John
  4. I'm looking for a USED Left Back up light lens. I have an Avanti "rear clip" hanging on a garage wall, and the only piece missing is the Left Back Up Light Lens. Not looking for a perfect piece as nothing on this rear clip is perfect. Whatcha got? Thanks John
  5. upper radiator hose

    arkus..........P.M. sent to you.
  6. Thanks . The driver's door piece is the only piece I need.
  7. Thanks.............I'll be on a trip for several weeks, so IF you find it, I'll be awhile getting back to you. Very limited Internet availability where I'm going. Thanks John
  8. I was think the same thing! So, I'm back in the hunt for Part # 1351037, for the left side. Thanks John
  9. Well...............I have no idea. I'm not suggesting you are incorrect, I just don't know. If what you stated is correct, then I don't need the piece. Hopefully there will be a few more replies clarifying what is correct. Thanks for your reply. John
  10. I'm looking for the Stainless Steel Trim piece ( Part # 1351037 ) for the driver's side that goes between the top horizontal weather strip ,at the top of the driver's roll up window, and the body. It is not the drip rail. This piece is on '63's up to serial # 4420. It is "L" shaped and 29 1/2 inches long. The short leg of the "L" is 1/4 " and the long leg of the "L" is 7/8". The long leg of this "L" shaped piece has 6 "U" shaped notches stamped into it so it can be slid in between the weatherstrip and the body and secured with the weather strip attaching screws. I have 3 pieces of 1351036 , the right side version of this trim. I'd trade a right for a left or purchase out right. Thanks John 502 773 05 nine two
  11. Removing the Center Console

    As I recall, the 4 screws are located in the corners of the vertical sides, and required that I push the seat bottom cushion down so as to get a phillips head screw driver on the screw head. With the piece removed, look for the original screw holes in both the piece you removed and the console body that is attached to the tunnel. John
  12. Removing the Center Console

    Jim..........this is not difficult. Remove the four screws that hold the upholstered piece in place. Once removed the rest is straight forward. I'd caution you to take care when unscrewing the chrome ball on the gearshift, as there is a spring below the black button.A parts book is your best friend as you approach these things. Get one if you don't have one. Hope this helps John
  13. Following up on our 'phone call yesterday. I have a used ignition switch, but it does not have the tumbler and key that you need. Send me you address etc. and I'll get the lens in the mail.............unless there is something else you may need. Thanks John
  14. There are two versions of this lens. The factory original has a "chrome" ring around the perimeter of the lens. The later replacement version does not have the "Chrome". I have both versions. John 502 773 0592 or j-lbrissette at att.net
  15. Correct Front Shock Absorbers?

    My solution to this was to make washers . Decide was diameter washer you need. Buy a short piece of round stock in that diameter. If you have access to a lathe, drill the center to the size bolt hole you need. Cut the round stock to the thickness you need. Don't have a lathe........cut the round stock to the thickness you need and drill the center on a drill press.