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  1. Power window service R1 1963

    Devildog.......I rewired my '63 windows and used relays . Made a panel to fit in the opening Mounted the relays to the panel along with a Terminal Block for all of the wiring connections. One caution, make sure the relays are mounted such that they do not interfere with the window going down. I can send you a photo or two if you would like. I see you live in Houston. I lived there twice,late 70's and late 80's John
  2. Avanti ll Parts For Sale

    Bob, that ad was from May of 2016. All of those parts are long gone. JLB
  3. Battery

    X2 what Peddler said. I've had a 3EE AGM Battery in my Avanti for many , many years. No problems what so ever. It stays connected to the correct charger when not being driven. Expensive yes, but you will not be disappointed and you'll get many years of trouble free service.
  4. Avanti ll Parts For Sale

    No sir I do not have any of those parts. Call Jon Myer. If you need his contact information, let the Forum know. JLB
  5. Speedometer & Tach R & R

    Chris.........do you have a Parts Book? If not, you should get one. It will show you how the Tach and Speedo are held in place. As I recall,( it's been 15-20 years since I did this last ) there is a UI shaped bar, on both, that holds them tight to the dash, with two small nuts. Remove the wiring, from both, and the speedo cable, and both should come out from the front easily. With , both out, you can now get both hands in there to remove the sender, change the light bulbs in the adjacent four gauges, etc.. John
  6. Avanti ll Parts For Sale

    Sorry, but I do not have the Tach you are needing. ALL of those parts, from that posting, and a lot of other parts that were not listed, sold rather quickly over a year ago.
  7. Rear Quarter Window Seal

    avantibngrant............can you please bring us up to date on this project. Is your CAD work completed? Will Valerie, in fact, reproduce these seals............if you know? Keep the channel frame I sent you, as long as you like, but I would like it back. John
  8. towing

    What Gunslinger said X2
  9. WTB USED Avanti LEFT Back Up Lens

    Got one. Problem solved. John
  10. I'm looking for a USED Left Back up light lens. I have an Avanti "rear clip" hanging on a garage wall, and the only piece missing is the Left Back Up Light Lens. Not looking for a perfect piece as nothing on this rear clip is perfect. Whatcha got? Thanks John
  11. Avanti ll Parts For Sale

    I have the following Avanti ll parts for sale. All of them are used. Prices are plus actual shipping from zip code 40241 Photos are available. Questions, jlbparts at gmail.com or call John 502 773 05 Nine Two for detailed description Pair of Headlight Buckets + Headlights and headlight retainer rings. NO RUST! $70.00 Pair of Outer Headlight Retainer Rings S.I. Part # 1358849W Excellent Condition $180.00 Pair of plastic headlight lens with gaskets. Very good condition. Near Perfect $75.00 Pair of plastic headlight lens with gaskets. This pair needs some light sanding and polishing $45.00 Pair of Rear Bumper Brackets. Look like Studebaker Part #'s 1556204 and 205 but thicker/heavier . No Rust $50.00 Pair of Rear Bumper End Braces Look like Studebaker Part #'s 1557208, 09, 10, 11 No Rust $40.00 Pair of Chrome Headlight Bezels Very Good Chrome $200.00 Pair of Chrome Headlight Bezels. Have some pitting and scratches and a small chip on the lower lip of one. $100.00 Pair of Rear Rubber Bumpers. Excellent condition. No cracks, no chips or chucks missing $75.00 Pair of Exterior Door Handles. These handles DO NOT have the lock cylinder in the handle. There is a cap or plug in its place. Very good condition $150.00 Pair of door locks that mount below and separate from the door handle. Includes the retainer clips. There is NO KEY to these locks. $40.00 Pair of Door Interior control assemblies, that the interior door handle attaches to. Looks like Studebaker Part # 1350860 $30.00 Pair of Avanti ll style Interior Lock Escutcheons. Both have wear from dragging doors. $15.00 Chrome Rear Bumper. Very straight. No bends or waves. Has a surface rust spot the size of a quarter on the bottom, left of the vertical bumper. Has the usual surface rust on the inside. Could be used as is. GREAT CORE! $180.00