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  1. 1983 Power Door Locks

    I have the dash tore apart in my 1983 trying to connect the power door lock. The drawing shows that the blue wire (which is disconnected) is 12V going to the switch. There are three wires connected to the switch – black (unlock), red (lock) and white (which I assume goes to the solenoid to be the ground). Where does this blue wire go on the switch?
  2. AC Recharge Capacity

    I am almost finished with the rebuild on my 1983 Avanti. The orginal system was converted to R134A in the past and was again rebuilt with the correct seals and hoses. The shop has asked for the quantity of R134A and oil needed to fill. Does anyone know what the quantity is?
  3. Emission Decal

    Well, the Avanti is now in the paint shop. They will be removing the front windshield and rear window (thanks for the advice on my other post). I now need an emission decal as mine got water logged and looks like crap. Does anyone know where I could source one? I would even like a very good reproduction that I could create my own (in vinyl or?).
  4. I am in process of updating my 1983 after nine years of ownership. The engine has been rebuilt (replaced with a 383), transmission rebuilt and upgraded, and added 3:31 gears to the Dana 44. I also added a rack and pinion (as per articles on Bob Johnston's web site). Now it is time to paint. The car has one repaint in its past (warranty in 1983 or 1984) so I was planning to strip (soda blast), epoxy prime then after fixing any issues, repaint in a base/clear combination. I was assuming if we treat the car as a Corvette, I will not experience any issues. Another thing I am doing is replacing the windshield. I have all new rubbers for the car. I assume that the windshield is installed using a rope like any car in the late 50's early 60's. The rear window is not leaking. I have the rubber for it as well (kit from SI) so undecided if I will remove and replace. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.