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    Have a varied car collection ranging from an all original 1928 Pierce Arrow Coupe,to a 1988 Porsche 930 Cabriolet-but the Studebaker Avanti is my first and true love.Have two '63 R1's-one 4 speed,the other an automatic.Hope to add an R3 or R2. jcarrera16@aol.com

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  1. '64 R-2

  2. '64 R-2

    Thanks,Gary and mfg,for those tips,and I will post pictures after the Halibrands are installed.....As this is my first supercharged Avanti,I am unfamiliar with the supercharger and it's required maintenance.Am I correct in seeing that Ford transmission fluid is what is used in the supercharger?
  3. '64 R-2

    Hi- My long-awaited original '64 turquoise on turquoise R-2 is being delivered late this week.As it is a fairly low mileage car that has been owned by an elderly gentleman for the last 20 years, I am concerned about it's supercharger maintenance.Is there anything that anyone would suggest for initial inspection and maintenance on the supercharger,as well as ongoing maintenance?..Thank you..
  4. Continuing Avanti!

    USC-Dr. Lamberti's Alma Mater
  5. Damaged Avanti!

    The left rear quarter panel,with fuel spillage and overflow.
  6. Avanti Dealer Price

    That was a huge markup.Guess Studebaker was really trying hard to incentivize their dealers.
  7. Golden Quill awards

    A so-well deserved congratulations,Lew..
  8. Caster and camber confusion

    Hey,I resemble that remark!!
  9. 1964 Studebaker Avanti Front Rake

    Perhaps it is my imagination,but it seems that more than a few '64 Avanti's I have seen seem to have less of a front end "rake" than the pronounced rake of that of the '63's.I do realize that the front ends of '64 R-3's were raised for air box clearance, but I have seen what appears to be a very similar stance on some '64 R-1 and R-2 models.The explanation for R-2 model stance could be the result of an R-3 conversion,but even some R-1's that I have seen seem to have the higher stance in front.Was the front end stance modified in late or later production?
  10. Avanti Discs!

    At least the second,as Crosley introduced them in 1949 on their Hotshot model-I'll say 2) second
  11. Loud Avanti!

    Sherwood Egbert
  12. Miserly Avanti!

    Gonna say,that seems so far-fetched that it had to be true,somehow!
  13. A J's Avanti!

    Have never heard of A.J. Foyt owning an Avanti,so I'll call it false.
  14. Palm Springs Auction

    Pretty open-looking for a high quality car.Would prefer a fairly well optioned turquoise '64,but pretty hard to "special order" one at this point!
  15. Palm Springs Auction

    Looks like Dr. Lamberti's 64 R-1 sold for $17K at McCormick's Palm Springs Auction.Not sure what the "Targa" R-2 brought.