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  1. So how much of a blasphemy would this be?

    As Jim said above, I like the clean looks of the 63/64 body and bumpers. Nowhere did I mention removing the bumpers just the POC extensions and rubber add-ons. I also don't like the side lights and trunk rack. My 83
  2. So how much of a blasphemy would this be?

    You can pull the spring spacer out to help some and use a softer spring, or just cut a portion of the coil off. Personally, I'd pull the spacer and see what it looks like. I have big and little's on my 83 but if I was going to drive a couple of thousand miles, I'd have the same size on all four wheels so I had a spare. But that's just me but my 74 has all the same size. A little searching will find you a 63 front panel. Should be pretty easy to graft it back on a later body. Main problem is the cost of the headlight assemblies including the glass. Personally I like the side lights and bumper appendages much less than the square headlights. Somehow mine have disappeared on both my 74 and 83. All it will take is money so forge ahead fearlessly.
  3. front grill and front license plate device

    Drip rail - Chrome trim piece on the upper door opening (lower side of roof) to direct water to the sail (C) panel. The front license bracket fits between the rubber pad and the front bumper.
  4. torque converter heat sheild loose

    This is a picture borrowed from the SDC website. I'm a GM tranny guy so I'm not sure what you are referring to.
  5. torque converter heat sheild loose

    A picture of yours would be helpful, not sure which trans you have. Could be original could be any number of replacements.
  6. 1969 wireing print

    I've included a link to one of the best resources you will find. Bob Johnstone's Avanti and Studebaker site. http://www.studebaker-info.org/ Scroll down the page and you will find a search box. Type Avanti wiring or Avanti wiring diagram into it and you will find a number of references including a number of wiring diagrams for 70's issue Avanti. It will be hard to find an exact one for your car but it should help identify what you have. My 74 was a mess when I got it, and instead of mucking with the existing tangle, I replaced it with an aftermarket universal 21 fuse harness. I totally gutted the car so it wasn't to bad. A bit drastic for most but I now know where everything goes. Questions about tack on items are usually helped with a picture or two. BIAC, Avanti, Bob
  7. Changing out instrument gage panel ikn 1963 Avanti

    To be sure we are on the same page, the dash is a one piece fiberglass molding with holes in it to mount the instruments. The trim panel that is painted or wood grained is held to the dash by the gauges and switches in the dash. The complete dash unit including the pad is held in by 4 bolts below the windshield and 2 or 3 bolts under the dash. To remove it requires disconnecting all the wiring under the dash including the radio. Take a look under the dash and see what's involved before you plot what you want to remove. Neither instrument nor complete dash removal is any kind of fun. The bolts that hold the dash below the windshield, IIRC are part of the dash and the nuts need to be removed from below.
  8. Ls1 swap?

    I can't think of a good reason why you can't swap in an LS series engine with a T56. There is at least one on the SDC forum. There are engine mount conversions that will adapt the LS to SBC engine mounts. The rear mount is straight forward, so the other hurdles are a rear sump oil pan (available) and headers. As far as the T56, I have one in my 74 behind a 383 SBC. You need to convert to a hydraulic clutch but that's straight forward also.
  9. Avanti Carpet!

    It's still true as the carpet in my trunk matches the interior and it's not listed as an option on the window sticker. The question does not say in every case it just asks if it was standard and in my case it was. True
  10. Avanti Carpet!

    Apparently varies on a case by case level. My data (83 Avanti) in my polebarn has/had matching shag carpeting in both the interior and trunk as described in the standard equipment on the window sticker. No where does it say the matching trunk carpet was optional. Based on my data, answer is true.
  11. Brake caliper

    Sorry about the bad advice on the Rock Auto parts. Setting on the shelf in my polebarn is a set of calipers and rotors from my 74. They are high mileage and the cost to replace them was so high I just went with a new Turner setup when I rebuilt the front end. If you are interested in a piston, I'll pull a caliper apart and take a couple of pictures of what I have. If it's acceptable, I'll donate it to your build. $200 is a pretty steep lesson at your age. Almost tripped over the caliper today so I disassembled one. Here are the pistons from it. I only wiped them off and decided not to clean them any further. If you can use one of them, PM me here. The first two shots are one piston and the third pix with the #2 is the second piston. Bob
  12. 1983 RQB-3654

    Gunslinger is correct, you can use the Vin in Carfax to get quite a bit more data. Mine is RQB-3651 and it is an 83. Nice wheels.
  13. Avanti Carpet!

    True Standard equipment lists carpet (including trunk)
  14. 1980 frame replacement

    A quick trip to their website would sugget about $18K for a normal complete chassis and $20K+ for independent rear suspension.
  15. Brake caliper

    Rock auto seems to have the calipers for under $40. I would cut my losses and order another one. Damaged brake parts are something I won't deal with and for $40 a pretty cheap lesson. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/avanti,1974,ii,6.6l+400cid+v8,1311523,brake+&+wheel+hub,caliper,1704 BTW, I've been at this hobby for over 60 years and I/we've all learned to work on cars the same way you are, Fix it/break it/fix it. Glad to have you on board, nice to see young folks entering the hobby. Let us know what we can do to help further. Bob