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  1. Yes it is. There is generally a trim piece covering it that matches the interior. Straight forward GM stuff of the era. There should be a GM number on it. It and the attendant wiring harness were the first thing that bit the dust on my 83 after I changed to Holley EFI.
  2. Totally agree with this. A faulty starter is probably the most common hot start problem with SBC's. Check the connections then try a starter. They are under $50, come with the solenoid and are returnable.
  3. Tough call but along the lines of the customer is always right, I'm pretty sure he would paint one that way if a customer asked. He changed the 400 to a 350 in my 74 when the OP asked so I'll say false.
  4. Thanks for the followup Lew. He will be missed as a contributor and supporter. And also thanks also for providing a link to his website. It has been valuable on many occasions. Bob
  5. I have no knowledge of the car but Google the RQB number and you may find information about the car on Bob Johnstone's or the Avanti Registry sites among others. You are correct about the 305's in all cars but the 350 is a direct bolt-in as are any other SBC engines. Could have been replaced or just a different air cleaner or sticker.
  6. Lancer You are correct about the feeding frenzy. Let me suggest that you also join and post on the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum. This is a great forum but there are a lot more eyes over there and this issue has been discussed more often. It's a bag of snakes. Another route is to use Google and either use the term Classic car Transport or Avanti car transport. This is a much discussed issue on most car forums. There was a gal that had Peg's transport that was quite dependable but she retired last year. You'll see a lot of stories about low bidders dropping cars at drop point for others to pick up etc. I've always rented a Uhaul trailer to tow behind my son's HD2500 Chebby. Most distance I've gone is 800 miles one way. Hopefully you will find the necessary information here or elsewhere but ask good questions of the low priced haulers and references.
  7. Did you polarize the new voltage regulator after installation. Google/youtube will show you how if you didn't. Bob
  8. Have you contacted Dan Booth about the dies. I think he has a lot of the original ones. Might just be easier to work out use if they exist.
  9. Any chance it's the 4 way flasher button broken off. Bad day today but I'll check my 83 in a couple of days if necessary. Bob
  10. Use this as your guide. http://hogtrough.blogspot.com/ Hopefully the pictures will fill in any data you need. Also remember that they are bonded to the rocker panels.
  11. I agree with gunslinger except the POR15. POR15 is made to coat rusty steel and not good steel. It will peel off good steel. Don't ask how I found out. Coat them with a good epoxy primer and top coat.
  12. I'm not sure of all the variants but unless George Dimitas at Olympus is selling stainless yet, the only differences I know are the three piece and one piece. Because you are doing a body off, use the one piece. My choice of vendor particularly if you are installing them yourself is Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors in Wixom Michigan. He bought out the failed Avanti Motors and has parts that will fit. As a bonus, he'll spend whatever time it takes to explain how to do the install and answer any questions you have during and after. He was invaluable during the install of my front and rear glass a while back.
  13. You'll need to build one but you can purchase the starting fiberglass. This is my post on the SDC forum on construction. You can see I decided to elongate the back edge, which in hindsight, would have easier to do initially. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?84666-Avanti-Cowl-Induction-Hood-!! Bob
  14. Pulse generator for the cruise control possibly. Bob
  15. Monte, I'm not sure about seal kits but the unit was made by a commercial supplier of sun roofs. I suspect more knowledgeable folks will help here. I have one in my 83, it works and doesn't leak but I don't find myself using it often. It also steals an inch or two of headroom. I would consider molding it into the top IIWM but that's a personal call. They do drain into the hog troughs and can create a problem with the windshield surround, which is steel. When you do the body I'm guessing you'll pull the windshield and that will uncover the windshield surround under the stainless trim on the sides of the windshield. I was lucky on the my 74 as only a small section was punky and easily fixed. Check yours out to be sure. I'll be interested in your fabrication of the hog troughs. I built a set for my 54 Studebaker hardtop where they serve the same function as on the Avanti. I used a small vise mounted sheet metal brake and MIG'd them together. I see you looked at the article in the AOAI mag. If they didn't use the three piece hog troughs how were they installed without lifting the body. I couldn't see a way to put the one piece units in without either cutting the rocker panels or lifting the body. When I removed the paint from the body I used over 100 single edged razor blades and mucho time because I was afraid of the aircraft stripper getting into places I couldn't get it out of easily due to past experiences using it. Since then, I acquired a used fiberglass cap for my Ram pickup and wanted to change it to the truck color. It had two paint jobs on it, the original BC/CC OEM and an enamel black painted over that. I wasn't about to scrape that of after my last experience. I tried a couple of strippers and found this product from West Marine softened all the coats so they were easily lifted with a putty knife. It took 24 hrs to get through the paint but it was effective and when it dried it was just a powder that was easily removed with water. I'll never scrape again. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/back-to-nature--aqua-strip-paint-stripper--P004563136?recordNum=1 Here was mine it all it's radiant beauty Here it is today. I just put the front and back windscreens in last friday. There's hope