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  1. Hood Pad Fun

    Hey folks, Thought I would share my experience. Just got our 1980 Avanti II back on the road. Not registered since 2011 due to brakes getting gradually so bad that the car was unsafe. So I replaced EVERY brake component in the car, cleaned the wires the best I could, had a whole new exhaust put in to replace the "swiss cheese" pipes and mufflers (all original, I saved the chrome tips) and now working on a lot of misc. stuff. Years back I was taken for a ride for a 134A AC conversion. Guy didn't know what he was doing. He replaced a hose without a fitting on one end of the high pressure side and when it blew off it tore my original hood pad. Glad my face wasn't there. Anyways, I wasn't real broke up about it as the old hood pad was very weathered. So for the past 10 years I just had no pad and ugly remnants and old glue on my hood underside. Just today I replaced it. I had kept the old pad in the event of eventually getting a new one so I could verify fit before putting it on. Fortunately, the pad from Studebaker International was quite nice. Here is a key--the listing said that it was for 63 to early Avanti II. Mine is not early, but it fits exactly. I was able to retain the original foam part in the center. Made for a great orientation point during fitting. Old pad... New installed pad