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Anyone in MD who can check out an Avanti for me?

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I'm in MN and have been watching the 1978 Avanti on eBay, RQB 2904,  repaint in blue (incorrect from original) and tan interior (also modified from original).  It appears to be a decent driver quality.    I need to replace my current Avanti which I've driven for 22 years.   I've had other Avanti's so I'm familiar with them but I need boots and eyes on a car to make a decision.

I would gladly pay to have an Avanti knowledgeable individual check it out.   Thank you kindly.   Jim A.

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Not in Maryland and I am not familiar with the car, but shouldn't RQB 2904 be a 1979?

EDIT: With a mismatch of exterior, interior and either year or S/N, I would want the history of the car checked before purchase.

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