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Possible Cures For R12 A/C Problems

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The A/C system on my '69 wouldn't keep a charge after I acquired the car last June.  So I put that problem on the back burner until I sorted out some other issues in the following months.
This February, I started cruising on EBay to see if there was any snake oil available that might help the problem.  I found a couple of items that seem to be working for me and I would like
to share them with you.

The first item is "R12 Superseal Repair metal rubber and stop leak kit for $29.75 including shipping.

The second item is Maxi-Frig R12 compatible AC recharge refrigerant in 6 oz cans.

George, my gray haired mechanic, checked the lubricant level, drew a vacuum on the system and then added one can of the Superseal and two cans of the Maxi-Frig to the system.
He continuously  ran the A/C in the car to thoroughly distribute the Superseal.  The air coming out of the vents in the cabin has been ice cold ever since....much colder than when he first 
charged the system with the regular R12  last summer.  I am now getting a nice 40 degrees at the vents and the leak(s) have been stopped.

Now I'm looking forward to driving the car this summer.  It does get hot here in Phoenix!

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When the system was leaking, did you bother to find the leak?  The product you used is only a stop gap solution.  Also, the R12 substitute you used is propane...think about that for a minute.

 I am in the midst of getting my system back in operation after the engine swap.  I had replaced all the hoses, has the condenser and evaporator checked for leaks and replaced the seal on the pump.  System was perfect except for the seal.  My solution was to take a spare pump to a rebuilder and this week is the unenviable job of swapping the pumps.  And yes, I will be using R12.  More efficient than R134A without the hazard of propane.

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