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Lorin Warner

Access to Windshield Wiper Linkage

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I am attempting to access the windshield wiper linkage on my 88 convertible. It has developed some slack in the linkage. After looking the situation over, I'm assuming the dash and steering column must be removed. To help in this situation I first removed the two front seats and am attempting to remove the console. Does anyone have any knowledge on how to get the console out. I have removed the screws, but it is 'tucked in' behind the lower part of the dash which appears to make it impossible to remove. Also.... How does one remove the air duct from both sides of the console?!?. It appears to be an almost impossible task --- just to get at the windshield wiper linkage. Any help will be truly appreciated. in Lowell, Vermont

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Any help will be truly appreciated. in Lowell, Vermont

Can't really help much, as I don't currently own a late model Avanti to look at, but

I might suggest possibly you can remove the glovebox door & lining to get some access.

I'm not certain about the dashboard on a late model, but I vaguely remember

years ago that I worked on the wiper mechanism (on an older '66 Avanti) by removing

the dashtop speaker grill and speaker, then shaving the dashtop speaker opening lip slightly,

enough to wriggle the radio out through that opening, then reaching through the hole to get to

the mechanism on the back of the wiper motor. I think the driver-side pivot was accessible

from under the dash. Not fun, I wouldn't want to do it again, but it worked, and I don't believe

I had to remove the dash & A/C.

Again, I may be totally off-base and perhaps this approach won't work at all on a late model.

PS: one issue I had was that the passenger-side pivot had failed and the fiberglass holding that

pivot had crumbled, so I had to re-glass that area; look for signs of damage at the base of

the pivots, and try wiggling them to make sure they are solidly fastened.

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